Friday, October 31, 2008


BC Mary's Hallowe'en Treat

As in: TRICK OR TREAT. In the tradition of Hallowe'en fun, I hope you end up smiling:

"Old Fat Naked Women for Peace"

- BC Mary.


Is this off-topic? Yes. Is it allowable? Yes. Why? Call it Courtroom fatigue.
What good will this do? Might keep us from going berserk. OK? OK. - M.


Briony Penn once said folks will inore your ideas but listen wen they take of their clothes. That isn't a direct quote of course, but it was around the time she set out on a horse as Lady Godiva. The women of Saltspring did a nude calender for some good cause. A group of women actors did the same in a movie. Good for them all.

I have a feeling you didn't check out the YouTube.

Did you?

Actually I did and found that the women involved were nervous but quite ready to disrobe for a cause. YOu might have noticed a number of side items on the article page.
Jeez. Don't get me started.

Humour -- precious sanity-saving humour -- apparently means different things to different people.

People frequently send me "jokes" and stuff which I find appallingly un-funny. I dump them. And I try not to yell at the sendee because I honest-to-god don't know how people develop their sense of humour.

For me, a good joke seems to stem from an absurd view of reality. Charlie Chaplin knew that. Wayne & Shuster knew that (remember Julius Caesar ordering a Martinus? "Don't you mean a Martini?" asked the bartender. To which Caesar replies haughtily, "If I want TWO, I'll ask for two!"). Or Rick Mercer (remember his campaign to get Stockwell to change his name to Doris?). Or Mary Walsh as Marg the Warrior Princess (remember when she told Jean Charest he'd never win in politics until he straightened his curly hair, then she put a hammerlock on him and vigorously brushed his hair flat?). Funny. Deliciously funny, in my view. And nobody gets hurt or humiliated.

So I thought this YouTube singing quartet spoof (just like our Raging Grannies) was funny. A bit of fun based in a serious topic, I thought. Me. My view. And it never occurred to me that their hilarious political threat would be completely overlooked while ... jeez lord mary mother o'god ... the thought of getting naked takes over. Ya think THAT was the treat from BC Mary??

The YouTube quartet singing in perfect harmony was sent to us by a famous musician in Los Angeles. We loved their voices. We also laughed at their gentle political statement on an electoral process. I shared the laughter here on my blog. That's it.

Nothing about "a cause" ... nothing about the horrors or attractions of disrobing because nobody disrobed -- hilariously, they only threatened to (just like the B.C. Doukhabors of old).

OK. No more jokes, no more humour, no more Ms Nice Guy on this blog.


I a second thought for one who has been "judged" You are an unique and rare person in these times and your feelings are genuine what is for you may not be for others, but so what?
I appreciated the clip for their dedication to a cause close to their hearts
what more is there?
Ironic isn't it, when Gordon Campbell goes on his Hawaiian vacation all hell has broken loose back in Victoria on two occasions (one via his being charged with DUI and mugged shot). Here we are, having just past the treat of Halloween, and the trick of BC Rail trial is to be played out in early January...

Question is, as British Columbians are suffering because of the economic downturns beyond there control will Gordon Campbell leave to get away from it all after having had the ears of Jack Poole and Peter Brown on a private jet flight to Beijing?
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