Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Corruption trial begins Jan. 2009, says LINK

The Indo-Canadian newspaper, THE LINK, has an editor with a refreshing way of saying what he thinks. He thinks the trial of Basi, Virk, Basi is "potentially explosive". He thinks it's "the BC Liberals" who are "not forthcoming with information sought by the lawyers of their former party aides". He thinks that "the corruption trial of the two former Indo-Canadian BC Liberal insiders, will likely begin in January 2009." Many thanks to THE LINK.

- BC Mary.

South Asian LINK - October 28, 2008

VANCOUVER – After numerous delays, mostly due to the BC Liberals not forthcoming with information sought by the lawyers of their former party aides Dave Basi and Bobby Virk, the corruption trial of the two former Indo-Canadian BC Liberal insiders, will likely begin in January 2009.

The case has dragged on since the 2003 police raid on the British Columbia Legislature, where Basi, Virk and Basi’s cousin Aneal Basi have been charged with various criminal offences. The case has been tied up in pretrial hearings over disclosure issues that have caused frequent delays.

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... It has long been speculated that the trial could disclose politically damaging material.

William Berardino, the special prosecutor, told Judge Bennett that he thought the decks could be cleared for a January start.

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"Much of the material was subject to claims of privilege because it involved cabinet documents or was covered by solicitor-client privilege."

This may sound like a far fetched idea BC Mary, but could the reason for the massive delay of five years for Basi/Virk/Basi to go to trial be as simple as the BC Liberal government wanting to ensure that the "documents" would not be used for financial gains by third parties if the contents of the information was released to the public before it had time to become "historical data"?

There's already a law in place that requires MLAs, once released from their responsibilities of an elected position, to not involve themselves in activities that would give them a step up on all compitition eg. the public, for a minimum of two years.

Isn't it a possibility that the documents that have been suppressed by the government, and not released to the Courts and the defence team is because the two years "safety valve" isn't a sufficient amount of time to cover the longer term aggreemtns, say five years like that of BC Rail unique sweet heart deal of selling discontinued rail lines/along with environmentally damaged properties, for one dollar, comes to mind.

I'd not be surprised if in this upcoming November 20th Fall Session that a little bit of housecleaning laws will be introduced that will see an introduction of a longer SHUT-YOUR-MOUTH be introduced by the BC Liberals, to cover other entities such as the PPP3 deals that have been struck.
Fall session? The Feds return to the house mid-Nov...
When the Conservatives were the opposition, the accountability act sounded GREAT!
Now the government, the accountability act has been watered down! Why?
Because crime pays!

I'm pretty sure that Grumps was referring to the provincial "Liberals" (who aren't really Liberals).

I've just posted some Ontario (provincial) legislation which I'd sure like to see introduced at our quickie Nov. 20 re-convening of the B.C. Legislature ... maybe it could be rammed through like Campbell stuff got rammed through last spring, eh. (Don't mind me, as Babe says, I'm just foolin' around ...!)

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