Friday, December 12, 2008


Friday December 12, 2008 - Basi Virk all day in BC Supreme Court, 800 Smyth Street, Vancouver. Open to the public.

Court has been adjourned until January 5th. The pretrial portion of the case will continue until at least the end of June. The actual trial will start no earlier than September 2009.
Thank you very much for this news, Anonymous 8:49 ...

but Holy Smoke, what a timetable!!!

Poof! went the 3-week session we're supposed to see playing out in BC Supreme Court right now.

BC Supreme Court is adjourning the Basi Virk Basi Case until Jan. 5/09 (and thank you again for telling us).

But Dave Basi is due to appear in Victoria court in mid-January to face another judge on charges connected with the Sooke A.L.R.

Can a guy be defending himself in two different courtrooms in two different cities on two different charges ... virtually at the same time??

Well done Mr. Berardino. You just allowed another election to pass without any resolution to this trial.

Mr. Berardino, at some point you will have to answer the questions that many people are asking about your handling of this case.
The ALR trial resumes January 12th
Many thanks Anon 8:49PM

But I think we should still be watching the Court Lists every day of the week. I went to the completed court list before coming here to Marys Blog. In the result column they almost always (when the case is entered) tell you when the next sitting will be. Today, Saturday, Dec.13,2008 there are no results posted.
Mary - I will have a short post on my blog later Saturday on Friday's session and a column on it and a new FOI appeal I obtained in Tuesday's 24 hours newspaper and on my blog.

There were some very interesting developments Friday morning and I think your readers will be quite fascinated. How's that for a plug to visit my blog today?!!
Just had a look at Bill's Blog. Huffieness and flowing tears. Keep up the good work all.
The short post Bill mentioned above hasn't yet appeared, has it?
Anon 2:16, please explain ... OK?

Anon: 8:56, no - nothing new yet. Finally I asked Bill, thinking maybe my computer had gone froot-loops again.

But no, he said he would be posting his newest bulletin on Sunday ...

and Tuesday on 24 HOURS.

Read tielmands blog. The judge wants stuff by Monday so I figure the court will be in session. But I'm no legal expert. I accidentally posted on the story about three trials
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