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If you fell asleep 3 years ago and didn't wake up until today, you might think you hadn't missed anything when you see today's Basi-Virk news headline


By Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun - January 19, 2009

"Thousands more documents" are being sought.

Back in court (Vancouver) Wednesday.

More legal arguments on February 17. And/or Feb. 16. (See also: Tieleman blog)

Read the full story, including what Justice Bennett was doing in Victoria last week. - BC Mary.


Did you notice Chris Trumpy has been shunted out of his position at Finance in Campbell's latest Cabinet and OIC appointee shuffle.

I'm not sure if he's retiring or just moving jobs - I certainly hope he'll be among the witnesses when this trial finally gets going though
'Morning, G!

Ya mean this Chris Trumpy? ... (gasp!!) ... surely not!

... Kevin McCullough, who represents Bobby Virk, said he received several documents through freedom of information requests last year that he believes are some of the same ones now being blocked by government lawyers.
He cited two e-mails attached to documents that he said relate to the possible conflict of interest of a high-ranking government official involved in the controversial $1-billion sale of B.C. Rail.

McCullough told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett that Chris Trumpy, a deputy minister of finance, was in a potential conflict during the bidding process.

Trumpy was appointed as lead negotiator in the sale at the same time as he was chairman of the B.C. Investment Management Corp., a Crown corporation, said McCullough.
The Crown corporation handles assets of private companies for the government and now holds $350 million in stock of CN, the winner bidder in the B.C. Rail deal, he said.

McCullough said he obtained e-mails related to concerns by a law firm hired by the government about the possible conflict through freedom of information requests to the Crown corporation in February 2006.
Now the government is refusing to release those documents, citing solicitor-client privilege, he said.

From a Keith Fraser news story in The Province:

You have to love those weasel words of Copley's don't you?

'With the greatest respect' my ass!

It's time to stop calling this a spade - the whole damn business is a shovel - a shovel being used to bury the 'public interest', to hide the facts and to disabuse the citizens of the unmistakeable impression that they are being abused by their 'servants'.

This whole nonsensical affair of cover-up and dissembling is bizarre.

Chris Trumpy's current salary (2007/08) is $268,794 including $6,960 as a car allowance.

You think he might be able to afford to resign and put his feet up?

You think once loyal soldier Dave Basi might find that a bit hard to swallow.

But Jessica McDonald has told us it is an honourable thing, and Jessica McDonald would not deceive us, would she?

Hi Mary,

This is off subject to your headline but

I attended the kick-off to the NDP’s election campaign last week in Nanaimo, which was very much an eye opener for me, as I have not participated in a political event before. The room was full and the crowd was fired up. There were a number of good speeches with the best one made by Carole James. Then food and a meet and greet, this is where my eyes were opened. The NDP leader Carole James and the mid- island/coastal caucus were very approachable and very down to earth people--no car salesperson here—if you have any issue that you are interested in (including B.C. Rail) then do go to one of these campaign rallies and ask away, you will get an ear.

Myself, I went to maybe talk to someone about BC rail and corruption and the need for this shadow that follows Gordon Campbell everywhere he goes to be in full light in this campaign, so that British Columbians can weigh their options before casting their ballot. A deep discussion could not happen but I put my thoughts out there and they eagerly embraced by them.

Would your campaign consider involving the subject of B.C. Rail, corruption, delays, secrets, lies, multiple investigations and that gag law that was past a while back that would have any public inquiry into this subject or any other to be delayed and/or partially/fully hidden from the public at Gordon Campbell’s discretion? (Why would a government pass such a law unless they- Gordon Campbell- has something to hide?) I feel that tying these issues together would paint a very clear and dark picture of who Gordon Campbell really is and how he governs. Done with purpose the voter would have to think very hard before voting for a man that has such a stench. Done with a system of connecting the dots, this should awaken the mostly slumbering electorate.

The good people of BC are just looking for a reason to kick Campbell out of office!!

I was happy to hear that the consideration of my thoughts were going to be pasted on to the NDP Communications Department which was more then I could have hope for before walking in the room and I was reassured that when the NDP wins this election and starts an public inquiry into the B.C. Rail scandal that “ALL ASPECTS OF THIS SCANDEL WILL BE CLOSELY LOOKED INTO”.

I believe the only way we’re going to find out what happened to our railroad and many, many other wrong doings is for the NDP to win the next election.

Lets start a hope’n.
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