Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Court orders thousands of government documents in BC Rail case made public!

The Canadian Press in a first report dated Wed., Feb. 25, 2009, warns however that Madam Justice Bennett has stipulated that the documents must remain in Vancouver Court House.


NDP justice critic Leonard Krog said he hopes material in the 15 binders will shed some light on the government's handling of the BC Rail privatization before the May 12 provincial election.

Krog said government delays in disclosing documents has dragged the case out for five years since police raided legislature cabinet offices looking for evidence in the corruption case.

Copies of the documents will be kept in the Vancouver Law Courts registry but Krog said the New Democrats now will call on the government to publish them.


Time to put on our Evelyn Wood speed reading glasses!

Oh crap.

Their staying in the registry?

Does this mean egregious photocopying charges again?

What is wrong with these people.

Have they never heard of a scanning photocopier that turns things into pdfs?

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