Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Robin Mathews in Courtroom 67 on this momentous day

Ten lawyers attended and ten in the gallery - four of the latter were from the Globe and Mail, CanWest, Canadian Press, and WestStar - arrived for the big news today. Mr. Krog, NDP Justice critic and activator of the request for the release of FOI materials was present. The morning will be widely reported....(And Mr. Krog's comments.)

Fifteen of the seventeen binders of information gained by Freedom of Information Application on behalf of Defence were released by Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett to the parliamentary Opposition (and all others).

Two binders, containing materials from BC Rail were fought over and were ruled by the judge to be available (already in its possession) to the Defence, but to no one else - unless some of the material becomes exhibit (evidence) used in the forthcoming (?) trial.

I earlier remarked that the BC Rail material - already released to the Defence as a part of the FOI protocol - would have to be released generally today unless there is "unsavoury" material in it which the Campbell cabinet wants suppressed.

The suppression happened. Was it because of "unsavoury" material contained in the BC Rail materials? Stay tuned....

Next hearing date for the Basi, Virk, and Basi matter is March 9.

Much more needs to be written about the momentous (?) events of the morning. I will return to the subject in the next day or so.


So ... March 9, 2009 is the next BC Rail session ... 12 more days. But then, who's counting? Many thanks to Robin Mathews for soldiering on, watching, and reporting back to us.

- BC Mary.


Thanks again Robin!

The other proMedia reports have so far said very little about the two entire binders worth of material that is still being kept from the prying eyes of the public (Mr. Hume refers to them, but not as two entire contiguous chunks).

Why do I get the feeling that a whole lot more information that might actually be more important to we, the public is very likely stuffed into those two binders compared to that which is in the other 15?

Thanks also for telling us who was in the gallery....The NDP taken some heat for taking this approach to things but the fact is that on Monday, when it was just trial stuff, there was abolutely nobody there but you.....

One last actually get pages out of there are you going to have to pay those absolutely ridiculous photocopying fees again?




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