Monday, February 23, 2009


Robin Mathews: morning in Courtroom 67

"The mills of the gods grind slow. But those of the courts don't grind at all."

Beginning early, eight or nine lawyers assembled close to nine-thirty a.m.. A little later three people were in the gallery, none of them press and media. Regulars.

Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett read a decision about disclosure of memoranda, releasing some requested material to Defence.

Then. Mr. Copley (counsel for cabinet) dropped off a box of documents and returned quickly to the court (elsewhere) where he was appearing. Apparently, he had also sent, by mail, documents that could not reach Defence counsel Kevin McCullough by the week-end.

"Thrift! Thrift!" (as Hamlet says about his mother's hasty re-marriage). The poor Gordon Campbell government is on the hook for another huge package (tens of millions of $$$) to pay for Olympic Security. That makes clear why cabinet is cutting $9 million from the more trivial operations of the higher courts. (Thrift!) And in the face of such drastic austerity, Mr. Copley could hardly send, by courrier, documents to Defence so they could be reviewed before Monday's hearing. Thrift! Thrift!

There was more. But suffice it to say that the sudden need to exchange and supply documents in large quantities among Defence, Crown, BC Rail, and Gordon Campbell cabinet created a situation in which necessary review was impossible - even though a try was made at the suggestion of Defence lawyer Keven McCullough by a one hour court recess.

It wasn't enough time. Court had to break. Some faces showed traces of impatience - even perhaps the usually impassive face of the presiding judge. And so the day's hearing leaked out onto Hornby Street like snow melting in a hot, Spring sun. Tuesday's hearing has been cancelled.

The court will assemble on Wednesday at ten a.m. to hear the application by the Official Opposition in the B.C. parliament to be given access to the seventeen binders of materials gained by the Defence through Freedom of Information application, material related to the BC Rail Scandal and, especially, to the Basi, Virk, and Basi matter before Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett.


What's next, delivery by stage coach?

Come to think of it, isn't that what they used BEFORE we had railway lines?

And if they need it we have a fine Red and Yellow Concord coach up here they can use.

For the life of me I can't figure out why this judge has not at least reprimanded someone on the defence team. I realize this is pre trial but this is beyond comprehension.

What's that Red and Yellow Concord coach thingy you're talkin' about, Gary E??

And what's the defence team done, that they need to be reprimanded?? Did I miss something?

Red and Yellow Concord coach in reference to Gazetteers comment on delivery of mail.
Sorry, error on the defence. Should have been prosecution.
Who ran the coach Gary?


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