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#3. Heartland bill

From: eddie mazur []
Sent: March-11-09 6:20 AM
Subject: BC Rail "Heartland" Buck

Good morning Bill,
I have attached a copy of my Heartland $3 bill that I produced back in 2003 when I was a member of the "Stop the Sale of BC Rail" committee here in Prince George. It is good to see that finally the truth is coming out on this corrupt dishonest giveaway of the taxpayers asset BC Rail by Gordon Campbell's liberal government.

I am sending it to you so that it could be used in some way to get out the truth on this government. Let me know if you could use it and or where I could send it, so it can be useful. I have sent it in PDF and in word. Thanks for the great work you are doing on this very important case. Thanks Edward Mazur

I tried and tried to post the photos, but can't do it. I'm on my way to hospital. Ask Bill Tieleman to show you the $3. bill. - BC Mary


Best wishes Mary - get well soon.

G West
March 12, 2009
Oppal: "No, I'm not going to find out."
Today, Attorney General Wally Oppal continued to refuse to answer questions about what services British Columbia Railway Co. was paying for when it transferred $297,567 to former provincial Liberal co-chair Patrick Kinsella's companies between 2002 and 2005. At The rockpile scrum with Palmer.

The hook mentions Basi being in Victoria Court on Thursday in Victoria, and the usual list in BC Supreme Vancouver Thursday
We are all sending you the best energy for a speedy recovery, BC Mary.

Take good care of yourself. We need you here & will look forward to seeing back on the beat very shortly!
Breaking News from Sooke News Mirror:

"Basi to stand trial in Sunriver bribery case":

Normally don't like to jump on Mary's stuff, but in her absence I'll post up at my place.


Thanks RossK! CBC has just posted a story after a little nudge from a commenter LOL!
Praying for Mary, SORRY OFF TOPIC
I found a Court decision that I am not sure has been posted. It was Nov. 27,2008, COURT OF APPEAL FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA

R. v. Bains,
2008 BCCA 517

R v Bains, looks like he tried to APPEAL his conviction of 9 years.
1] SAUNDERS J.A.: Mr. Bains applies for judicial interim release pending the determination of his appeal. He was convicted of conspiracy to traffic cocaine on September 8, 2008, after a nine day trial in provincial court. He had originally been charged with three co-accused but, by the time of his trial, he was the sole defendant. He was sentenced to nine years’ incarceration, a fine of $242,170, three years imprisonment in default of payment of the fine and a ten year firearms prohibition.

[2] Mr. Bains appeals against conviction and applies for leave to appeal against sentence.

Must mead paragraph 3

[12] What we are left with, then, is a conviction of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine in which it is clear Mr. Bains committed the actus reus. He was found to be the directing mind of a criminal enterprise that involved the selling of a significant amount of cocaine in British Columbia and Toronto. Such an enterprise does untold damage to the community as a whole, and to the individuals who obtain the substance in particular. Without commenting at all on the appropriateness of the sentence, it is apparent from its length that the trial judge took a serious view of Mr. Bains’ behaviour.

[13] Mr. Bains points to his compliance with the terms of the bail order during the trial process, the efforts he has taken since the charges were laid to leave criminal behaviour behind, the family responsibilities he now has assumed, the availability of work in the event he is released, the positive reference provided by his recent employer and the willingness of his father to act as surety in a substantial amount.
Must read last para. A REVIEW???????


I certainly hadn't seen that November Bains Appeal item ... and thank you for finding and posting this new information.

Thanks for your kind words for me, as well.

I'm home from hospital much sooner than expected. Some new kind of "medication" (awful word) brought things under control. Got dates with Big Cardiologist next.

Am always impressed by the wonders of our Medical System. They even brought me home by ambulance because I had arrived in Emergency wearing bathrobe and slippers. (It's OK to laugh.]

Seems to me like another wondrous thing that we just have to dial 3 little digits and within minutes, 5 gorgeous big guys (3 from Fire Dept. with inhalators, 2 from Ambulance) appear right at your side, asking how they can help! They give the distinct impression that they're listening to every word I say. That they CARE ... !

You should've heard the howls of laughter at the nursing station when I said I couldn't understand why more people didn't dial 911.

Eva ... need help with the URL ... could you please double-check it?

Thanks again.


We are so relieved to hear you are back home ready to rumble in those slipperS & robe!

The unfolding news on BC Rail must feel really healing to you today - a great welcome home basket of goodies!

Looks like the gang are finally getting their dues.

Thank you again, for all you are doing to bring about justice in British Columbia.

Now go put your feet up and savor the justice!
Hi Mary,

It’s good to here you’re feeling better……..very scary.

When you’re felling up to it, Corky Evans made his last speech in the legislature. The speech was on the budget and so much more.

This very moving speech was one of best speeches I have heard and I found myself, at the end, clapping along with everyone else in the legislature despite the fact that I was in my living room and no one could hear.

I think I had an allergy attack at the same time as my eyes watered up.

March 12/09 morning debate of the budget starts between 10:00 am - 10:30 am
Oh Mary, I am so glad your home,Now I am sure you might be tempted to call 911 again, and see those hunka hunka's, but we need YOU here, today and always,(most specially the day the Liberals go down) so take your meds, rest,and dont stress yourself, and when you can do what needs to be done here.

Re the Appeal of J.S. Bains Nov. 27,2008(damn that got through the courts fast)Regina



Jasmohan Singh Bains


The Honourable Madam Justice Saunders

(In Chambers)


I hope that works.
keep your eyes on the prize
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