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Absolutely unbelievable: Olympics will require major rescheduling of criminal trials?


Police attending to security needs during the 2010 Winter Games means a major rescheduling of criminal court cases will be needed.

By Jeff Nagel -
Surrey North Delta Leader - March 16, 2009

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B.C.'s court system is in for an Olympic-sized challenge next year.

Many police officers won't be on hand to testify as witnesses in criminal trials for up to 10 weeks in early 2010 because they'll be needed for security during the Winter Olympics.

The police absence from the courts means at minimum a major rescheduling of criminal court cases is needed and has spawned fears some suspects may walk free because of the expected backlog to the system ...

{Snip} ...

Integrated Security Unit Supt. Kevin deBruyckere said exactly which and how many officers are designated for Games security should be known by next fall, allowing court proceedings to go ahead with officers that aren't needed.

"This time has got to be made up somewhere," he said. "There may be a temptation on the part of government to not proceed with a number of charges." [Kevin DeBRUYCKERE. RCMP. One of the lead RCMP investigators in Project Everywhichway (the police raid on the BC Legislature), who is also by coincidence the brother-in-law of B.C. Liberal Party executive director Kelly Reichert.

DeBruyckere disclosed that information to his superiors in March 2004, but defence lawyers have strongly argued that his relationship is a conflict of interest that should have had him removed from the case, but have not at any point alleged any impropriety on the part of either DeBruyckere or Reichert. From Bill Tieleman's Encyclopedia of the Basi Virk Case. - BC Mary]


How unsafe this sounds. pick and choose who to protect and pick and choose which cons go free?! This to me sounds prenious, it should be manditory for police to attend the trials of those they arrest. Or all their effords in their investigation will have been done for nothing!? And a waste of tax payer dollars. We need to keep track of who walks free...
Peter Mackay said the military will be present at 2010. Again this doesn't make sense.
BC Mary and Anonymous 7:00 AM . . . this news from Supt. Kevin DeBruyckere is deeply troubling.

BC Mary you wrote:

"One of the lead RCMP investigators in Project Everywhichway (the police raid on the BC Legislature), who is also by coincidence the brother-in-law of B.C. Liberal Party executive director Kelly Reichert." . . . . . now popping up in the Vanoc Security Unit (Vanoc controlled by the BC Govt and the Premier's 'insider' friends and advisors)


1. When exactly on the 'time line' was former Inspector DeBruyckere promoted, who led the Raid into the Legislature re: the corruption trial/file then in RCMP Commercial Crime, promoted to an Administrative position as Superintendent in charge of the Vanoc Security? . . . . . Who knew?

Pre-trialdisclosure revealed that the Solicitor General's Asst. Deputy Minister 'nudged' Assistant Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass (now Deputy Commissioner of RCMP E Division) into NOT investigating the politicians, when Insp. DeBruyckere was stopped from pursuing Gary Collins in Hawaii with his boss the Premier.

2. Were there other high profile political investigations/files he was involved with, when his hushed appointment was made by his RCMP bosses, to the Vanoc Security division, away from Commercial Crime?

Will Supt. DeBruyckere be unavailable to testify in the Basi/Virk criminal trial all tied in with Vanoc?
Wasn't there a RCMP officer hired by Vanoc,then questioned by the RCMP commissoner, and mayebe had to step down pending his own investigation. I'm sorry I can't recall his name. I'd say yes, there are others, high in the chain of command, involed in all of this BS!
IT'S TIME to demand that the federal government provide this province with security we desperatley need.
Anonymous 9:41,

I don't recall that. And do be careful about deciding that somebody is "involved in all this BS" ...

I'd just like to say how pleased I am with the many interesting comments coming in. Many thanks all around.

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