Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Basi Virk Basi today 10:00 AM

File #23299

- Aneal Basi
- HMTQ vs Limited Access
- Bobby Virk

Vancouver Supreme Court today March 31, 2009, 10:00 AM.


And I've copied the page for good measure.
Hi Mary,

I seen a news report yesterday that reported that stonewally Oppal is considering putting cameras in the courtroom here in BC on some kind of trial bases following the led from Manitoba’s justice system.

Oppal commented that because everyone behaved themselves in front of the cameras at the Paul and Dziekanski inquiries that that warrants his consideration also.

Unfortunately Mary I don’t think that this consideration from Oppal gets us the people of BC any closer to having cameras in the BC Rail trial as I believe that this would never happen and a inquiry into the BC Rail scandal won’t be happening either under this Campbell government.

So, I guess were back to voting NDP and hoping with all are might that they indeed win.

I’m wondering what your thoughts are Mary regarding the comment that was made by the defence lawyer in the BC Rail trial proceedings in the last week or so, where he commented that if the BC Rail Spur Line was tainted then the BC Rail Main Line was tainted as well?
No doubt lawyers could argue themselves blue in the face over that point, 10:36, but it always seemed to me that the same players using the same "product" would operate in the same way for both the main line and Roberts Bank.

But we never did learn in what way Roberts Bank was tainted, either, did we? Or the terms being proposed?

It's awful to think that the BCRail-CN agreement could have been stopped at that point, had it not been for the secrecy.

Thanks for your tip re the cameras. Can you tell me where you saw that report??

Hi Mary,

I apologise, I can’t remember what channel this camera story was on.

Sometimes it seems hard to keep taking information in and then keeping it all straight.
Anon 4:25,

I know what you mean!

Let's hope we hear more about this. Or maybe "somebody" (nudge, nudge) could drop an e.mail to the Attorney-General's office and ask for verification.

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