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Basi Virk: First reports from the 8,000 pages of confidential government documents

Bill Tieleman provides two exclusive stories based on the 8000 pages of confidential government documents ordered released by BC Supreme Court last week – and he is the only journalist who has seen them!

First, two of the lobbyists involved in the BC Legislature Raid case in 2003 emailed BC’s Deputy Attorney General in 2005 with a “Dear Allan” personal message!

Read Bill's report here!

Second,Bill reveals secret government orders to Ministerial Assistants to ensure Cabinet Ministers don’t answer questions in Question Period and how they are supposed to spin the media.

Read Bill's second report here!


3:32 here
Not Necessarily for publication
It is only because I have a deep respect for what you are doing that I send comments here. Some of what i discover is not on topic but central to Law and the rule of law.

Pls , read the info at the following address

For those that believe that parliament is above the Crown, or believe in the undocumented, unproven and incoherent concept of "parliamentary supremacy".... ask yourselves why the Queen's viceroy was needed for the authority to SUSPEND/SHUT DOWN/CLOSE FOR BUSINESS the parliament of Canada, against the formally expressed wishes of the elected majority of the Members of Parliament??

OTTAWA– Prime Minister Stephen Harper has extended the life of his minority Conservative government until the new year after Governor General Michaelle Jean today granted his request to suspend Parliament. - December 4/2008 [Read report here]

Reuters (December 4.08) quoted below without emphasis...

Governor General Michaelle Jean — the representative of Queen Elizabeth, Canada’s head of state — agreed to Harper’s request to shut down Parliament until Jan 26. Parliament was reconvened just weeks ago after the October 14 election. [Read report here]

A little history and origin of Canadian common law shall we....

...section 18, paragraph 3 of the Interpretation Act of 1889. It reads as follows:

"The expression 'colony' shall mean any of Her Majesty's dominions, exclusive of the British islands and of British India; and where parts of such dominions are under both a central legislature and local legislatures, all parts under the central legislature shall, for the purpose of this definition be deemed to be one colony."
Anon 10:20,

I found your notes interesting, especially in the original. Too bad the hyperlinks didn't come through.

Many thanks for sending.

The Attorney General's Ministry was once a place of honour and pride and, above all professionalism.

Those days are long gone when a Deputy AG is the willing target of any lobbyist - especially lobbyists with the kind of political connections and lack of any sense of ethical behavior that these fellows have exhibited.

Every single statement by and about the administration of justice and the appointment of 'INDEPENDENT' special prosecutors by this Government must now be considered suspect.

Robin Mathews's speculation appears, more and more, to be founded in fact.

One can't do much but fear for the future as one reflects upon Robin's words: "...the legal security of Canadians is in visible collapse and legal breakdown threatens -- or is underway.

The real question now is whether or not the rot has become so pervasive that anything but a wholesale house -cleaning can save the structure and put the interests of the public in their proper place once again.

It is by no means a sure thing. Without even thinking about problems in the national police force that are being revealed daily in the Braidwood hearings into the murder of Robert Dziekanski.

This country is in a huge hole when the people charged with administering the justice system have sold their independence and honour for a few shekels and the temporary approval of their political masters.
BC Mary,
Thank you for your selfless efforts in maintaining this website. I am sure with the crooks involved, the corruption they are willing to engage within, and the snooping tools at their disposal, it has not been without some worry that the bad boys will do something to shut you down. I hope that you maintain a backup copy of everything here.

I agree, GWest, the AG's office now exists without honour. Not only have these guys put a cloud over the AG's office, there is also a question of possible injustice hanging over every decision ever made by Wally Oppal. What a travesty!
Anonymous 9:04,

Those are lovely words, I do appreciate the encouragement they convey.

Today has been a busy day and I'm tired, so won't write much, except THANK YOU.

G West, as very often happens, you have clarified the concerns that many of us are feeling.

To over-simplify (as very often happens), I think that essentially what the citizens must try to do is shine a spotlight upon the activities at the Legislature and in BC Supreme Court. Let them know that the people are watching, that we care, and that if necessary we can become a force to be reckoned with.

We can write, write, write, and phone, phone, phone.

Which may be why I am so tired.

Thanks, all.

Interesting these questions were notice of questions February 9,2009, which were not asked in the house. Written Questions on Notice, I am not sure what that means, but a search of that days debate none of the questions out the link below

quoted from above link, #32. Will the government release the “meeting minutes, presentations and other documents” referred to in the Charles River Associates report on the BC Rail bidding process?

33. Did Charles River Associates review meetings, conversations or communications outside the official process — particularly those including ministers and ministerial aides — in their analysis of the fairness of the BC Rail transaction process?

34. Will the government release all documents including emails, reports, interview transcripts relating to the two information leaks referenced in the Charles River Associates report?

You said once before dont assume that you have seen info, so in case you have not,here are two links, note the latter one, (why the blanked out lines?)
Anonymous 4:32,

Those lines bring back memories! Thanks.

I remember asking, at the time Krog came up with them, why those questions weren't presented orally in the Legislature and if I remember correctly, was told about an alternate procedure in which the replies are given in written form. So the replies must be available in some mysterious corner, by now.

What I found extremely interesting was the glimpse provided by your 2nd URL. It shows only the cover of a written presentation and the Table of Contents (2 pages). As you say, several interesting items have been blacked out. (What a nerve.) But the title!! Woohoo!







NOVEMBER 25, 2003

Now there's a book we'd all like to see! Any more clues, 4:32 ?

And thanks again.

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