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Basi Virk in Vancouver Supreme Court today, March 9, 2009, at 10:00 AM

Sorry for the confusion ...

There IS a pre-trial hearing today in Vancouver Supreme Court for Basi, Virk, Basi starting at 10:00 AM. So it's important to confirm these things -- the difficulty being that confirmation is only possible by checking the court listings after 9:30 AM on the actual day of the sitting. It doesn't leave interested members of the public with a lot of leeway to get to 800 Smyth Street.

So ... news bulletin!! ... there is ... IS ... a court listing for Basi, Virk, Basi, File #23299, for today ... that's TODAY ... March 9, 2009 at ... it says ... 10:00 AM. Confirmed.

I'm still puzzling my way through today's Victoria Court Listings ... that being where I thought Dave Basi's hearing would be occurring, in the A.L.R. case. On March 11.

Sigh ...

- BC Mary.

Hi Mary,

I attended the media open house on Friday to get a look at those 8000 pages,and WOW!

It was definately impressive to see the entire lot on one long boardroom table.

Check back later today on my site as I hope to have my views on the contents of those pages posted by then, along with a photo to give the readers some idea of what we are dealing with.

I've been unable to post the story as of yet due to some unknown issue with my blog,and I've submitted a query to the adminstration in hopes of resolving it. Worst case scenario, later tonight or tomorrow am.
Hello Mary
Completed Provincial Court List (Adult)for files appearing Mar 02nd for Victoria

Aneal Basi pg 51-162 next date Mar.20 Saanich File#145212-1

Udhe S Basi pg 128,129-162 Vict. File # 134750

Eva, thank you!

What a help!


Thanks to Eva!

And looking forward to Laila's post.

Paul Willcocks has tackled Binder #3.

Personally, I'm working on #8 (report to come).


Checked Vict. adult court list Prov. and Udhe S Basi is in Court @ 2pm March 11th.

121 1 a ii
CCC 121 1 c
CCC 121 1 d

Breach of trust by
public officer
Accepting bribe as a
government official
Accepting bribe from
person dealing with
Offering to influence
government official
pg 3-23

Hope you start feeling better Mary
Re March 9th Vancouver Law Courts
Public Access Completed Supreme Court List (Adult)
For Files Appearing on 09-MAR-2009
rm 66.(next appearence Mar 10th) What is scary is between the two listings for 23299 another limited access, could this be related to 23299?

pg 28-29 of 56
001 Stay of
until Attorney
General of
provides necessary
funding for
legal counsel.

23606-2 pg29 Next appearance Apr 6 2009
5 pages pg 25-30 of 56
aneal basi
bobby virk
limited access

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