Friday, March 13, 2009


Basi-Virk: Yes, Friday the 13th in BCSC

File #23299 -- R. vs. Limited Disclosure
Vancouver Law Courts
800 Smyth Street
today, Friday March 13, 2009 at 10:00 AM.
Application for records.


Is the rumour true, that the A.L.R. bribery pre-trial proceedings for R. v. Udhe Singh Basi ongoing in Victoria are more interesting than the biggie unrolling in Vancouver? Anybody know? Big Media seems to have been immunized from reporting even as much as the dates for each courtroom event. Public is free to attend, so far as I understand it, but nobody is free to publish details of the proceedings until (again, so far as I understand things) ... until the biggie in Vancouver is completed, for fear of unfair advantages (or something like that). Not sure where the public advantage is fitting into all these events.

- BC Mary.


Well done, Vancouver Sun! They did indeed print up a few of the need-to-know details of this story. The full story is HERE.

Basi breach of trust case in court April 1

MARCH 13, 2009

Former provincial government aide David Basi will make a first appearance in B.C. Supreme Court in Victoria April 1, charged with breach of trust in connection with the removal of Sooke farmland from the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Judge Ernie Quantz committed Basi to trial after a preliminary hearing wrapped up Thursday [March 12]. Defence lawyer Michael Bolton said it was not known when a trial date will be set as Basi is already in pretrial proceedings in Vancouver on charges of breach of trust for allegedly leaking confidential information about the BC Rail sale process.

The Victoria case alleges that Tony Young and Jim Duncan of Sunriver Estates, also known as Shamrock Hills Development Corp., paid Basi $50,000 to help grease the wheels for a 700-home development.


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