Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Bill Tieleman:

It has been good to watch Bill Tieleman in recent days, as he brings out story after story on the topics which BC media love to avoid. This one in "Straight" has a national readership, a good thing for the the 8,000 pages of heretofore secret documents, some of which have had a national angle right from the get-go.

Liberals get message out at all costs

Confidential documents show Libs spent $19 million on advertising before the election.

Straight Goods - March 10, 2009

by Bill Tieleman

I can tell you this: We are going to end government feel-good advertising. People don't want to see us use their money for that. — Gordon Campbell, November 2000

Confidential BC government documents show that "key messages" for $19 million in provincial advertising run before the May 2005 election included highly partisan attacks on the opposition New Democratic Party.

And another newly released document outlines government communications plans to "maximize convention attendance and membership renewals" for the BC Liberal Party.

Details of the taxpayer-funded "Best Place On Earth" ad campaign were attached to a document titled "Advertising — Key Messages" that directly references the "NDP" three times and complains about the media not communicating government messages.

Taxpayer-funded ads attacked the previous NDP government ...

includes a line reading: "Party to develop summer program aimed at using ministers, political staff to maximize convention attendance and membership renewals" and a page titled "Defining the Opposition" with explicit attacks on the NDP. ...

Read Bill's full column here.


It's not fair or ethical and it's probably not constitutionally legal, but is is now the gag "Law of the Land" in BC.

I'll never forget former Labour Minister Graham Bruce using the biblical phrase, "law of the land" as he, in all righteous indignation, handed down yet one more edict from the Campbell god of the universe.

Gordon Campbell may speak, making full use of taxpayer's dollars. Citizens, unions, teachers, nurses, may NOT! There will be none of that in BC, the Best Place on Earth!

Gordon Campbell has spoken, so shall it be.
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