Thursday, March 26, 2009


Bill Tieleman's news from the explosive Basi Virk Basi hearing today in BC Supreme Court


Basi-Virk Bombshells: Defence alleges Kinsella, CN + Gordon Campbell met on BC; Kinsella worked for CN & BC Rail at same time; govt suppressed FOIs

See Bill's early report here.


The public does understand political taint with all of the gory detail, riddled with conflict of interest in these all too common, back room shady deals; deals where the public's assets/due process supposed to be held in trust by the BC Government, instead are used for a small circle's private agenda.

With these revelations, perception is 9/10ths reality. It is clear what came down behind secretive doors is rotten; a deal that was only in the best, private interests of these political players pulling the strings.

The public doesn't need the legal technicalities. The truth now surfacing is sufficiently obvious to British Columbians how the deals are done to strip integrity from government process through poltical deceit/interference in the back rooms. Not one detail is good enough to withstand public scrutiny and measures of decency.

Political deals like this have been going on within the Legislature for too long, with the same players and their minions within government. The game is up guys on BC Rail. Time for a total cleansing.

How about examining how this web of connections is involved with VANOC - another monolithic coverup of public assets and crown land. It's all the same 'GAME' folks. Follow the links and the rail line.
"It's all the same 'GAME' folks. Follow the links and the rail line.

And the "GREEN" run of the river IPPS, Terasen/Kinder-Morgan Gas, BC Ferries, BC Hydro/Accenture, the alienation of ALR Lands for Private development, allowing forest companies to remove forest land to become real estate speculators (sometimes forest companies with relatives of government as executives - hi ex-forest minister)- and then there is the ongoing effort to make private health care attractive and let's not forget John Les!

Either the polls showing how much the public thinks Gordo is managing the province well are poorly (perhaps purposely) designed or the public isn't paying attention. Or the massive media conspiracy to hide the warts and promote anything that makes the Organized Criminal Organization we call our government look good, is working.
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