Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dave Basi in Victoria Provincial Court today, March 11, 2:00 PM, re A.L.R. Thanks em.


Checked Vict. adult court list Prov. and Udhe S Basi is in Court @ 2pm March 11th.

121 1 a ii
CCC 121 1 c
CCC 121 1 d

Breach of trust by
public officer
Accepting bribe as a
government official
Accepting bribe from
person dealing with
Offering to influence
government official
pg 3-23

Hope you start feeling better Mary

Mary, instead of always urging others to attend court why don't you make an attempt to do so? We could all chip in and send you a bus ticket. You seem to have a lot of opinions but in the same vein you are reluctant to show your face.
Anon 12:29pm

Not quite sure what purpose THAT message is meant to send...seems pretty irrelevant to me, especially from someone who's using an anonymous label themselves.

Don't let them get you down Mary, hang in there.
"... why don't you make an attempt to do so ... ?"

Well, Sweetie, ask yourself 6 or 7 things.

1) wouldn't BC Mary be in BCSC for the BVB BC Rail hearings if I could?

2) ya think I'm not doing enough?

3) are you absolutely sure that BC Mary has never been there?

4) what does "showing my face" have to do with BC Rail?

5) ya think if BC Mary could be in court, it would mean that other citizens don't need to show up?

6) what the heck do you mean, anyway? and who the heck are you?

7) awww, silly me, now I remember: you're one of those 223 salaried staff members from the Public Affairs Bureau, out doing your job, aren't you.

Thanks, G!

He/she didn't exactly get me down ... but somehow the message did light my fuse.

Guess I've been watching too many Myth-busters.

I have always wondered why Mary hasn't been attending the trial.

I mean even guys in northern BC have dropped by the trial.


Anon 12:29 PM

What a coward! Like his boss gordo. Don't worry Mary, they are out soon. As well as 223 minions in his office will be able to work at the 2010 fiasco as security.

Good work!

from: Kam Lee
Kam Lee, how nice to see you visiting here!

Many thanks for your support. The P.A.B. people are identifiable, aren't they? Like fruit flies, they come flying in when they're all eager and worried about something.

Did you see the troll who launched an attack on BC Mary on Paul Willcocks' blog? All the facts were haywire, wouldn't answer questions. Figures Vaughn Palmer is more credible than BC Mary. Are you laughing yet?

I agree with you ... I think Carole James could do nothing but lie on the couch eating chocolates until May 12, 2009 and the NDP would win.

Hope to see you here again.

Our "friend" Brian most probably one of the 223 paid media spinners may have been speaking of me. I have family in North Van and sometimes have to visit them due to their(serious)illnesses. I can't afford to make those trips even when I have to but fortunately they have a place for me to stay. While I'm there I maximize my time. And because of my interest in this case I make a special effort to attend if there is a sitting.

Not everyone is as fortunate as I to first of all be healthy enough to make the trip and secondly to get free room and board while there.

Now Brian having said that maybe (if you are one of the paid lackies) you could spend a couple of hours in court ant give us your spin on what is going on. I am sure we would all like to read your "unbiased" opinion.
Mary, you just keep doing the first rate, indepth, journalism job that you are doing for the public . . . your substantial fan base are right beside, you every step of the way.

You know you are doing a great service to the public, when twits like "Anonymous" start try to spew nonesense in a wormy way LOL!!

Yes, these little media monitors knats, from the Public Affairs Bureau hired by Zalmoid Martyn Brown; outed in the Raid in the Leg pre-trial material, paid for on the taxpayers trough, with NO approval from us - are always easy to spot on the comments sections:

sadly lacking in the 'grey matter' dept. as reflected in their words. Their agenda is simply to attack the truthful messange; to haunt the web/phone in shows ad nauseam (remember the Bill Good expose where Basi threw the soft ball call to his pal Gordo? Childish rubbish - no wonder they've all been caught with their pants down LOL)

How does any one know when you drop by the BCSC or anyone else for that matter that participates on your site? Like I said before about this little band of spinners' intellect . . . .

Enjoy their squirms as you get under these twerps skins!

Sit back and soak up the huge back handed compliment, as a testament to your journalistic effectiveness. Let it rip, BCMary!
Paul Willcocks has some interesting evidence up of apparent deflector/misdirection spin that just might have been generated by Rm 223 types....

here and here.


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