Monday, March 23, 2009


Heartland $3 Bill‏ - BC Rail Money!


Face - Dick Tater

What was lost

These Three Dollar Bills from the imaginary Heartland/Hurtland currency were submitted by Eddie Mazur. He created these bills "back in 2003 when (he) was a member of the "Stop the Sale of BC Rail" committee here in Prince George."

As the obverse view reminds us, not only has BC Rail gone missing, thanks to the drinkin', lyin', and stealin' Mr. Gamble - but CN should be changed to CINO (Canadian In Name Only).

Thank you for sharing these Eddie!

(click directly on each image for a larger view)

Big Thanks from BC Mary to Kootcoot who managed to subdue this BCRail engine and post it here for Eddie Mazur, who hopes that his phony $3. bill will not be forgotten in the (ahem ...) coming weeks. Sorry to sound partisan but it's impossible to think of BC Rail's giveaway under its still-secret terms without also thinking of Premier Gamble. - BC Mary


Now if only I had a printer that worked I could print a few thousand and distribute them throughout the province. Oh well, maybe someone else can do it.
To Gary E or whomever wishes to have these bill printed. Send me your email addresses and I can send a printable copy. It would be great to have these bills distributed all over the rovince, so that people can see what happened to their railway. Does anyone know how much money CN has made since BC Rail was given away to them in a secret backroom deal with Gordon Campbell's Liberal party?
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