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NOT CONFIRMED: Today in Victoria Supreme Court: Dave Basi

See March 6, 2009 court listings to confirm.

NO LISTING FOR DAVE BASI, FILE #134750-1-D, APPEARS IN TODAY'S ONLINE COURT SCHEDULES. Not in Vancouver Supreme Court, not in Victoria Supreme Court.


Dave Basi is facing four fraud-related charges of taking $50,000 from developers to help a 700-home project at Sooke, near Victoria.

NVG sent us this:

1 Adult Court Lists

2 Adult Court Lists (Provincial) select Victoria Law Courts

3 Victoria Law Courts-1201
Public Access Adult Court List
Room: 101 Court Date: 06-MAR-2009

4 Control F search for "Basi"

5 Basi is on page 7 of 33 1 134750-1-D BASI, Udhe S. (. etc........


How about a small wager that the Times Colonist won't have a peep on this? Home delivery of the Globe or Sun/Province in Victoria would fix things up, at least Mr. Mulgrew from the Sun had the fortitude to reprint and acknowledge your work Mary.
Anonymous 6:11,

Your comment is much appreciated. Thanks.

Today, we must forgive CanWest if they don't publish anything about Dave Basi being in court ...

so far as I can see, he isn't in court today. No mention of his name or his file (No. 134750-1-D) shows up in either the Vancouver or the Victoria Supreme Court listings.

Like they say on the Court Services Online, these things can change without notice ... and I guess they just did.

What we can fault CanWest for: they could find out what's going on ... like, maybe a couple of phone calls which undoubtedly would be answered: when the next court appearance actually is expected.

But I don't think it's in them to ever do such a thing. There's so much that's wrong with this picture.

There is a "Hatcher" on Mr. T's ABC of the BCR and BCLedge

Claire HATCHER. Defence lawyer.Hatcher is Michael Bolton's assistant in defending David Basi.

Please explain. Who is this? And what date?

When I look up Victoria Supreme Court it says "No sittings today".

It was Victoria PROVINCIAL court.

Thanks again to North Van's Grumps who found the listing for Dave Basi.

Now to watch and wait for a news report from Victoria Provincial Court today.

The next appearance for Mr. Basi in this case is scheduled for 11 Mar 2009 at 2 PM
Gary E,

How did you find out??

MANY THANKS for sharing.

You & North Van's Grumps could give lessons in public service to the well-paid 223 members of the Public Affairs Bureau!!

Hi Mary

For those not in the know: When you go to the Province of BC court lists the first line highlights 'Adult provincial court list" and "Adult supreme court list". The next line is for both of these (individually) "completed" The pages are basically identical except the right hand column shows the result of the days proceedings.
Also, if you go down the page a few lines you can click on RSN purpose of appearance. This brings up another page and almost at the top is another link that says "abbreviations" Clicking on this downloads a document that brings up all the abbreviations and their Meanings.
Hope this helps.
Gary E,

As soon as a new thingy of Toner ($95 each, can you believe it?) arrives on my doorstep, I'm going to print out your instructions and pin the page up near my computer.

Many thanks for taking the time to explain this.

Do you happen to know how trials get sorted into Provincial and Supreme courts??

I'm not too sure on this but I think Provincial courts are basically civil matters. BC supreme court is for offenses under the Criminal Code Of Canada As isay I'm not sure but maybe Robin or Bill T. or NVG could answer better.

By the way keep up the good work. There is so much out there it's giving me a headache right now. Even knowing what I know it's hard to sort out.
Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the superior trial court for the province and hears both civil and criminal cases, as well as some appeals from the Provincial Court.

Provincial Court

The Provincial Court is the first level of trial court in British Columbia and hears criminal, criminal youth, family, child protection, small claims, and traffic cases.

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal is the highest court in the province, hearing appeals and reviews from the two trial courts as well as appeals and reviews from administrative boards and tribunals.

Courts of British Columbia

About the BC Superior Courts
There are three levels of court in British Columbia, the Provincial Court, the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeal. The BC Superior Courts consist of the BC Court of Appeal and the BC Supreme Court. Appeals from the Court of Appeal go to the Supreme Court of Canada, which is located in Ottawa. The Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court, and Tax Court of Canada also have jurisdiction in British Columbia.

The Court of Appeal hears appeals from the Supreme Court of British Columbia in all matters and from the Provincial Court in some criminal matters. The Court of Appeal also hears reviews and appeals from some provincial administrative boards and tribunals.

The Supreme Court is the province's superior trial court. It is a court of general and inherent jurisdiction, which means that it can hear any type of case, civil or criminal. It also hears most appeals from the Provincial Court, in both civil and criminal cases.

The Provincial Court is also a trial court, but its jurisdiction is limited in various ways, as set out in statutes such as the Criminal Code and the Small Claims Act. For more about the Provincial Court.


The Sikh Times - Britain's First English Punjabi Daily News Website

"After a wiretap operation was in place for the drug case, police overheard Basi discussing the sale of BC Rail. That auction process is at the heart of the breach-of-trust charges the former back-room operatives face."


Bains talking to Basi or Basi talking to ....... the reason why we are waiting for a Supreme Court of Canada decision....
"You & North Van's Grumps could give lessons in public service to the well-paid 223 members of the Public Affairs Bureau!!"

You are obviously being facetious Mary, as the PAB isn't about either "public service" or providing the public with information.

Propaganda and manipulation of the public perception, yeah, that's more like it, but that is of course hardly a service to the public. It serves the Campbell Crime Family just as successful perjury (lies that are believed by the judge and/or jury) serves an accused in court.

I have so little respect for most politicians, especially the neo-con sort, like Mike Harris, Campbell, or Harper, that the fact they take an oath is meaningless to me. Which statements made by Brian Mulroney "under oath" to Parliment or the court weren't perjury - they can't all be true, but they were all made under oath, even though they contradict each other.

Does it really matter if Karl Rove testifies to Congress under oath? That assumes he has some sort of honor or morals! Lyin' Brian, Harper and the Drunken Premier Real Estate Mag(got)nate have difficulties with the truth.
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