Thursday, March 26, 2009


Vaughn Palmer, Gary Mason, Neal Hall, Mark Hume, Justine Hunter, CBC News on March 26, 2009

Liberals stall on lobbyist reforms, stonewall on mounting Kinsella questions

Vaughn Palmer
Vancouver Sun - March 26, 2009

Surprisingly tough words from Palmer. Recommended.


Whiff of scandal envelops sale of BC Rail

Globe and Mail - March 26, 2009

Read the full column here.

Globe and Mail's Comments thread on this story closed very quickly. The 25 comments are inaccessible. I've asked Gary if he knows why. - BC Mary.

Kinsella working "both sides of the street" BC Rail deal, MLA charges

Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun - March 26, 2009

Quote: ... “This is five months after the deal has been signed,” McCullough said. “You’ve got CN on the verge of backing out and who do they go to? Patrick Kinsella, who was the campaign manager of the Liberals [in provincial election campaigns] in 2001 and 2005.”

McCullough said the documents suggest CN “was on the verge of walking” away from the BC Rail deal when it realized it would not get a “tax windfall” if the B.C. government retained ownership of the tracks. He pointed out the BC Rail deal wasn’t finalized until July 2004.

Read Neal Hall's complete news story here. Recommended.


Premier's closest advisor drawn into BC Rail scandal

Mark Hume, Justine Hunter
The Globe and Mail - March 26, 2009

Quote: ... “It's clear that the whole BC Rail deal, and the mess surrounding it, goes right up into the Premier's office,” Leonard Krog, the NDP Opposition justice critic, said outside court ...

Read the full column here.


Liberal lobbyist may be key player in Basi-Virk corruption case

CBC News - March 26, 2009

Quote: "We have information now that indicates the premier, Patrick Kinsella and the head of CN were all in the room together," he said ...

Read the full CBC News report here.


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