Friday, March 20, 2009


Victoria Law Courts Room 101 today, Aneal Basi ...

File #145212-1 - Aneal Basi.

Count 001 - CCC 253a - care or control vehicle/vessel while impaired
Count 002 - CCC 253b - care or control of vehicle/vessel with over .08

Victoria Law Courts, Room 101,
Friday March 20 2009 at 9:30 AM,
Counsel: J.M. Doyle.

The information (below) was posted today on a February 22, 2009 page where readers might miss seeing it. So I am re-posting the information here, exactly as received. - BC Mary.


"EM" wrote:

It is more clear today that Anneal Basi (Mar. 20 posting of Mary) is charged with impaired.
re "I don't know a thing about the private lives of Basi or Virk although I will add here that I encountered an odd listing of Aneal Basi, File #145212-1 in the Feb 17, 2009 Victoria Provincial Court Listings (Completed)."

Time is getting closer to the Supreme Court of Canada case. Things seem to be moving along. SCC Case Information Docket 32719
Appeal hearing scheduled, 2009-04-22
factum information is sealed, but you can see the progress of the case, note the sealing of a in camera meeting. Feb 11/09
Decision on motion to seal, De, Tab 1 of Volume II of the Appellant’s Record (marked Sealed) filed January 26, 2009, containing the in camera hearing transcript, be kept under seal;
The Appellant’s Factum (marked Sealed) filed on January 26, 2009, and any Factum of the Respondent on Cross-Appeal which may be filed by the Appellant, containing quotes from and argument referring to the in camera hearing transcript, be kept under seal;

I wonder if this will be Broadcasted
-----some more "stuff"
Check the lobbyist Registry lately?

Ken Dobell 2009-FEB-16
Subject Matter Capital Project End: 2009-JUL-16
Global Container Terminals Inc.
Ck on Global Container Term. and I found mind you it is 2007. "Accomplished transportation industry exec chairs GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. board of directors

TORONTO (February 20, 2007): Paul M. Tellier, former Chief Executive Officer of Canadian National Railway and Bombardier Inc., has been appointed Chairman of the Board of GCT Global Container Terminals Inc., an Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan private investment company
Jiles,Mark Consultant Lobbyist
Lobbyist Organization: Macquarie North America Inc.
2008-SEP-01 End: 2009-FEB-19

Subject Matter To promote P3's and the Gateway Project links available
... As the post about container freight it blows my mind that all the same players of BC Rail are playing front and center in todays Hot topics ... I just hope some of this info is helpful.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : March 20, 2009


EM check Google/Hansard and use this phrase to search with:


which will lead you down to this:

MR. HANSON: The owners of the ResWest accommodation service are entitled, under their contract with the government, to charge every hotel and motel operator a $150 registration fee and a 10 percent commission on every night's accommodation booked by tourists to our province. ResWest expects revenue in excess of $3 million under this monopoly situation. Will the minister explain why the government chose the chief corporate fund-raiser for the Social Credit Party, Mr. Michael Bums, to set up this monopoly reservation system?

Oh, Patrick Kinsella was part of the trio that owned ResWest. I wonder if today's government has a similar reservation system set up for 2010 Winter Olympics.....
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