Saturday, April 04, 2009


BC Rail + The Globe and Mail ... woohooo!


Political meddling alleged
Mark Hume
The Globe and Mail - April 4

Read Mark Hume's column HERE. Recommended.

Document raises new questions about BC Rail deal
Gary Mason
The Globe and Mail - April 4
[There's even a COLOUR PHOTO of BC Rail Engine 4607!!!]

Read Gary Mason's complete column here. Recommended.

CanWest has nothing (nothing that I can find, in their awful new imagery) on this week's BC Rail hearings. I often wonder why I continue to pay a subscription.

Iain Hunter does have a column in today's TC about the Campbell government's refusal to answer reasonable questions, but I don't think it has much interest for us, except possibly his closing shot:

" ... if we keep being Stonewallied, we might imagine the shovels being used by minions with peg legs strapped to their knees and parrots on their shoulders to bury the swag.

"We might decide that May 12 is the time to send pirates packing."


Thanks for the tip ... it's corrected now.

What I find disturbing about this whole business is the Campbell camp are selling public assets to their 'friends' at the cost to the public purse. (ie buying power from new 'private' suppliers at a high rate and reselling at a lower rate.) Is this legalized theft? The greatest increase in history of BC's PUBLIC DEBT has taken place under this bunch now in power in Victoria. And they whine on about how they have 'solved' the deficit. Yeah! Right! And what do we hear from the local MLAs here in Burnaby? BS and bafflegab.
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