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Kinsella brought up at Basi-Virk trial

David Basi (right) walks with his lawyer Michael Bolton to the Victoria Law Courts in 2007.

David Basi (right) walks with his lawyer, Michael Bolton to Victoria Law Courts in 2007. Photo by Debra Brash file photo.

The controversy over Patrick Kinsella continues to boil over at the court case of three former Liberal government aides facing corruption charges.

The defence lawyers for accused David Basi, Bobby Virk and Aneal Basi on Thursday told a judge that they want access to documents involving Kinsella, a Liberal party insider, and the $1-billion sale of B.C. Rail that led to the criminal charges.

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The hearing also featured several testy exchanges between Sullivan and Kevin McCullough, Virk’s lawyer.

McCullough demanded to know how long Kinsella had had access to transcripts of the hearings in March at which the defence levelled certain allegations against him.

He wanted to know who exactly had read the transcripts, in light of the judge’s concern that witnesses or potential witnesses not have access to them.

But Sullivan said one of the reasons his client is concerned is that McCullough’s “imagination tends to run wild. These allegations are both spurious and unsupported.” McCullough bridled at those accusations.

At the hearings in March, the defence suggested that Kinsella had worked for both CN and B.C. Rail in the sale of B.C. Rail to CN.

McCullough said the sale was a “fix” from the beginning and a “political sham.”

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Patrick Kinsella's lawyer, defence fight in court over BC Rail allegations

Bill Tieleman - April 30, 2009

... Michael Bolton, lawyer for David Basi, said Kinsella will likely be a witness in the trial.

And McCullough raised concerns about who has seen transcripts of the pre-trial hearings obtained by Sullivan through a transcript company, saying potential witnesses are not supposed to see them.

“It’s a very serious issue. These transcripts were out when they ought not to have been,” McCullough said.

See Bill's complete column with very interesting comments about Thursday's pre-trial combat.


well, I guess the matter is "before the courts" now.
Sometimes it seems as if the entire business of the Province of BC is before the courts. The unfortunate thing about it is that the people who should be before the courts facing charges are using the courts and imaginary "sub-judice" to cover their asses and continue their crime spree!

I always thought the courts were supposed to administer justice, not be manipulated into becoming an accessory to crime!
Is all this even a blip at the federal Liberal convention, or are they doing their thing in as complete bubble, insulated from the reality of the city and the province around them and only wanting to talk about better poll results in Quebec and how they're destined to win the next election?

Who among them benefitted from Dave Basi's organizational skills? Who among them have close ties to the BC Liberals?

Is there a cordon sanitaire around the convention centre preventing information about the various malfeasances of the BC Liberal regime from reaching the convention floor?

Iggy, you're supposed to be a great advocate of democracy and intellectual responsibility. How 'bout stepping up to bat? You may lose the BC election for the local Liberal Party by doing so, but you'll also likely win support in the public at large for being the first federal politician to grapple with the endemic corruption in BC by the horns. Take back the name of your party's local branch from the neo-cons who've hijacked it!!!!
Re: Federal Liberal Convention.

Ontario Liberal premier Dalton McGinty attended this weekends Federal Liberal convention in Vancouver. BC's Liberal premier Gordon Campbell DID NOT!
Re: Federal Liberal Convention.

Ontario Liberal premier Dalton McGinty attended this weekends Federal Liberal convention in Vancouver. BC's Liberal premier Gordon Campbell DID NOT!
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