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Today, April 9, 2009 at 9:30 AM in Vancouver Supreme Court

Case #134750-1
Victoria Law Courts

[No names are shown.]

HMTQ vs. Limited Access
Count 001 - Breach of trust by public officer
Count 002 - Accepting bribe as government officer
Count 003 - Accepting bribe from person dealing with government
Count 004 - Offering to influence government official

HMTQ vs. Limited Access
Count 005 - Person dealing with government offering bribe
Count 006 - Offer bribe to government official for exercise of influence
Count 007 - Breach of trust by public officer
Count 008 - Offering bribe to government official

HMTQ vs. Limited Access
Count 005 - Person dealing with government offering bribe
Count 006 - Offer bribe to government official for exercise of influence
Count 007 - Breach of trust by public officer
Count 008 - Offering bribe to government official

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" [No names are shown.]

Looks like POLITICAL interference to me, Thanks Wally!
The ALR trial was tentatively scheduled to start on December 1, 2009. That's the actual trial, not the pre-trial.
why are the news papers not requesting the publication ban be lifted? isnt this suppose to be the biggest news since bingo-gate?

Good question, but don't ask me.

I'd love it if you'd ask the newspapers.

The thing is: I do believe that it's still OK for members of the public to walk in, sit in the public gallery, and listen to the evidence ... but not to publish it. Not absolutely sure, but I think that's how it works.

Looking at the hard evidence, that is

we see that we are standing in the hallowed hall of the Vancouver Law Courts... Public Access Supreme Court Criminal List... but the case is Victoria Law Courts?????? 134750-1
Page 18 and 19 of this document is well worth the read.....
Well, Anon 6:05, that's its Case number -- 134750 Victoria Law Courts -- and, if you recall, the hearings got under way in Victoria ... then suddenly popped up in Vancouver.

Cover-Up, plain and simple.
Anonymous 6:36,

Blessings upon you!! I printed some good stuff from that binder you mentioned ... many thanks!

and a happy Easter Weekend to everyone!

Heaven forbid that I should be defending the Supreme Court system, Kam, but I think that what looks like a cover-up is actually something to do with keeping the evidence separate from the trials of other people.

My guess -- and it's only a guess -- is that the whole thing (which I assume is the Sooke A.L.R. thing) will be made public when all 3 of the accused have had their day in court.

On the other hand, I do feel strongly that the media could let people know the simple truth about this, and to know what to expect.

And then there was Actor John Wayne, holding his reins to his horse, while trying to say something intelligent to the young lady he had just rescued from the cattle rustlers: Well Ma'm they shure did cut through those fences Miss Mary.....

All I did was read Public Eye Online Miss Mary:

"Singling out the masses

The premier's then deputy minister Ken Dobell was advised in 2003 two of the government's public opinion service providers had connections to the labour movement. .....SNIP"

In particular: " The letter was part of records obtained by legislative raid trial defense lawyers and released by the provincial New Democrats." - Sean Holman
Grabbing at straws here, and not to feed John Wayne's horse, but Ian Mulgrew's column today in the Vancouver Sun is "Ex-justice minister 'offered contracts'".

Mulgrew isn't suggesting, at all, that there is a connection between a former federal Liberal justice minister of using his office to have Liberal insiders buying tables at a fund raiser for Prime Minister Paul Martin, but for folks out here in British Columbia, and the dates upon which it transpires, it appears mighty close to when the "Basi Boys" were most active in making deals to move up in the food chain of political activists from the provincial level to the federal heap. To the place where there was a perception of a Culture of Entitlement. - 2003 to 2006

"Dec. 12, 2003
Paul Martin is sworn in as prime minister; appoints Stephen Owen new minister of public works. Goodale becomes finance minister.

Dec. 13, 2003
On his first day as prime minister, Paul Martin cancels advertising sponsorship program. Martin also announces Communications Canada, the arm of the Public Works Department responsible for the troubled program, will wind down by March 2004." - INDEPTH: SPONSORSHIP SCANDAL Timeline

Its the time before, and during 2003, that the Basi Boys were busy, maybe too busy to be looking over their shoulders to check on what their cousins were doing for themselves. eg. Mr. Big of Vancouver Island fame now spending nine years behind bars. eg. Victoria Police officer supspended/fire.

If "deals" were being made at the Federal level, what was happening by the same guy(s) and their Sponsorship Scandal at the provincial level.... ?
Another tip o'the tuque to you, Grumps! Thank you!

Added note: While reading Ian Mulgrew's column in today's Vancouver Sun, readers may find that the name of George Macintosh sounds familiar. From Tieleman's invaluable "Railgate A-Z":

George Macintosh: Lawyer, possible witness.
Macintosh is a prominent Vancouver lawyer who represented lobbyist Erik Bornmann in negotiating a deal to become a key Crown witness and avoid possible prosecution for allegedly bribing David Basi and Bob Virk. The defence has been demanding information about that deal.

Bill T wrote "...... Basi was previously one of Marissen's top soldiers in the Martin campaign while working as then-finance minister Gary Collins's ministerial assistant. In fact, Dhaliwal blamed Basi personally for the takeover of his riding association.

"I was quite concerned that people from Victoria were involved in meddling in my riding," Dhaliwal told Burnaby Now. "I was the senior minister for B.C. who was working closely with the premier, and they had their own political staff trying to undermine me. I find that incredible."

Basi's cousin Aneal Basi, charged with money laundering, is also a federal Liberal Party donor and supporter.

Neither Basi has been officially linked to any current leadership candidate, but David Basi did reportedly show up to vote at his Saanich-Gulf Islands federal delegate selection meeting in late September.

Bob Virk

While less high profile than Basi, Bob Virk was another Paul Martin campaign soldier in the takeover efforts, while working as then-transportation minister Judith Reid's MA.

Virk and Basi were both allegedly being promoted by Erik Bornman for lucrative political staff jobs in Ottawa in exchange for providing confidential government info on the B.C. Rail deal for Bornman's lobbying client OmniTRAX." SNIP

Their own political staff??? are we talking PAB, yet again.

Paul Martin, Paul Martin, Paul Martin ears must be burning......
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