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Wanted: photos of Lara Dauphinee

needed for a 4-part story I am working on. Why can't I find a photo myself?

Well ... so far as I can detect, there aren't any photos of
the powerful Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant, who is never far from the side of the premier. No photos. None.

So far, she is identifiable only by the photo captions saying "Missing from the photo is ... Lara Dauphinee."

Sometimes the story is in the silence. Every historian knows this. Mothers know this. Missing from the photos but always by his side. A bureaucrat with power. Tomorrow I will post Gordo's own description in Hansard of her two offices, one in Victoria, one in Vancouver.

What's with that? I'm asking.

Links or photos can be sent as a comment to this post. Write NOT FOR PUBLICATION across the top, if you wish. All help will be much appreciated. - BC Mary.


Good for you, BCMary, for listening to the suspicious "silence" surrounding Premier Gordon Campbell's Deputy Chief of Staff . . . .

What's the secretive ubiquitous undercover role/relationship all about? Is there more to the reason Ms Daupinee holds such a powerful post in the Premier's Office? Personal leverage, perhaps?

Inquiries into this public servant, on the taxpayer's tab is fair game . . . but not if you are the '3 blind mice' on CKNW so called "Cutting Edge from the Leg" LOL - spinning the protective web around the Campbell/Cons/Libs/inner circle.
* * * *

On a related matter:

Against my better judgment I listened to the '3 blind mice & their nauseating, relentless, attack Carole James on non issues this morning(e.g. like she could control the weather on a media trip yesterday???? . . .

. . . while troubling, scandalous issues that British Columbians want to hear about like political, incestuous dealings regarding the rot and conflict of interests surrounding the duplicitous SELL OFF OF BC RAIL become footnotes that according to Bauldry, whose wife worked/works for Campbell, the public isn't much intrested in . .

. . . while they repeat their 'mantra': saying the Opposition's campaign is in trouble?

Here's a 'heads up boys' since we know you read BC Mary: it isn't the NDP and/or supporter ads that are going to create a "backlash" as you suggest (the truth hurts does it?) . . . it IS the blatant, unethical fact that the BIG MEDIA that has become an extension of Campbell's political spin machine.Their agenda is a disgrace - a let's suck up to Gordie's vested interests' agenda that ultimately has hurt their credibility in the context of the true taint that Campbell & his Gang have spewed over British Columbians.

I 'GET IT' & doubt I am alone with my reaction - being a middle of the road free enterpriser with a social conscience that only asks for my Government Officials to follow ethics and due process. The Campbell Govt. has done anything BUT.

Any wonder Canwest is nearly in bankruptcy & CKNW's ratings have dropped off with CBC No 1 now?

Too bad the 3 mice have lost their 'edge' and their journalistic integrity along with it. (N.B. Palmer is a little better in his columns but loses his backbone in the presence of Master ringleader Bill Goode)

Along with thousands of others that post on the internet threads, I will vote strategically to rid BC of this cancer - a vote that will "Take Back BC"
I recall a photo of protesters blocking the path of Gordon and Lara as they attempted to enter the front door of the Grand Pacific Hotel in Victoria (one block from the leg) in roughly 2004 published in the Colonist/Sun??
"I recall a photo of protesters blocking the path of Gordon and Lara as they attempted to enter the front door of the Grand Pacific Hotel in Victoria (one block from the leg) in roughly 2004 published in the Colonist/Sun??"Well if it was published in Pravda, I mean the Colonist or Sun in 2004, it will undoubtably have been scrubbed from even the microfiche (if anybody still makes those) files in any library in BC by now. This will be of course due to BC liaR party, oops again, I mean editorial policy.

The only hope would be some way-back machine or cached files somewhere not controlled by either the Boys and Girls from PABlum Land or the ASSperson Empire!

It's too bad that all the unbiased (gag) reporting and editorializing by Canned Waste/Glowball can't somehow be assigned a monetary value and added to the BC liaR totals. Their whole campaign would have had to shut up and be invisible a week or two ago, already - to avoid exceeding spending limits!

Oops, there I went again being stooopid. As if rules applied to the Campbellites!

second photo from the top bottom of the page
Shy commentor:

OK ... but can you tell me WHY that photo is NOT FOR PUBLICATION, please?

Unless there's some reason, I think others would like to see it.

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