Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What's happening to Aneal?

Victoria Law Courts
Public Access Adult Court List
April 15, 2009 - 9:00 AM:

Aneal Basi
File #145212

* care or control vehicle or vessel while impaired,
* care or control vehicle or vessel with over .08.


When there is a judgment it will show up on the list,
I guess Aneal will need to get (and pay for) one of those interlock devices for his car, unless he "beats the rap" or maybe since he is one of the "Basi Boys" he can just have his trial delayed until sometime after his death. Then maybe he'll be cleared, because he isn't around anymore.

Don't laugh, I don't know how it is here, but in the US, Ken Lay (of Enron) is now officially not-guilty of any crimes. He was convicted of multiple counts of fraud and such and sentenced to many more years than he had left to live. His lawyers, of course, appealed the conviction and sentence and then Ken Lay died, or faked his death (there wasn't an autopsy - the "body" was cremated almost immediately), and since his case was under appeal awaiting action, somehow that translates in to him needing to be considered innocent(?) like any other person awaiting trial. So his conviction was vacated or dismissed. I wonder how this would play out if he was to show up - would double jeopardy apply?

So now I guess he is enjoying his new identity sipping those Mai Tais on the beach without even the shame of a criminal record.
BC Mary, just listened to something about BC Rail and sub judice on CBC One "The Current".
@10:55 am.
Sorry,it was at 9:55 am.
I heard the short piece about sub-judice on the Current as well. It wasn't entirely about the BC Rail case, more about how politicians have been using this handy avoidance technique for years. StoneWally was understandably prominent in the piece - he was described as Gordo's designated guy to "not answer questions."
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