Wednesday, May 13, 2009


About that election yesterday ...

This significant fragment of conversation took place two hours into the election results last evening while Live-Blogging at Pacific Gazette. I'm on the committee to elect Laila Yuile in 2013. - BC Mary.

Laila: I am going to run next time folks. I am going to do this.

Alison: Go, Laila!

GAB: I would work on your campaign, Laila

G West: Absolutely! GO Laila

Laila: I'm telling you. I have to do something! This is not right.

Laila: Really? Would you all ? Really?

GAB: absofreakinglutely!


Mary, if the position is still open, I want to apply to be Laila's Lara Dauphinee, I mean as her political aide, of course!

One salary and just a REASONABLE expense account will be sufficient - hell, I'll do it for free!!!!!!
I should have added this stuff to my previous comment, but I was over anxious on the "submit" button!

Anyway, Ross' soiree was the one bright spot in an otherwise depressing evening, at least that's how I felt about it.

Now I am eagerly awaiting the imminent announcement from Gord the Impaler regarding how far I will now have to go to access any kind of health care more complicated than taking an aspirin. I fear that 5 or 6 hours to Kelowna won't be far enough anymore, especially since we sent Katrine Conroy back to Victoria with over 2/3's of the vote. I'm preparing my self to hear that Trail Regional Medical Center has been "downsized" into a first aid station and all critical patients will be forwarded to Spokane, Washington (have proof of private insurance coverage ready to display upon arrival)!
Over anxious, yet again,

I forgot to mention to get to Spokane, we will have to provide our own car and driver as the Local Paramedics will be "out of service" due to years of being on call for nothing!!!!

Thank you for your job application, Koot.

Your candidacy will be given due consideration.

However,the committee (that would be me) feels it is only fair to warn you that your dedication to the cause may not be perfect.

It is true, is it not, that there are some things you wouldn't do?

Thanks really was fun!

Laila also demonstrated that she can, when the need arises, make like Jane Hamsher, and cause Trolls to self-combust in spectacular fashion.


More posts on CanadaEast:

This is a typical big-media lie:

"Campbell used his business credentials to cast doubt upon the New Democrats,"

Campbell HAS no business credentials; yes, he worked for Marathon Realty but that was as a LOBBYIST as he had political/personal connections at city hall. He's not a businessman, though he is the businessman's darling joeboy.

Bad business decision after bad business decision has taken place during his time in office, but the media gives him a free ride. The convention centre where they held their victory celebration was far more over budget than the Fast Ferries which were made infamous only because of CanWest/Liberal Party hype. The cost of the privatization of Hydro resources to American companies, GE in particular (Warren Buffet) will cost BC the equivalent of four convention centres and twenty fast ferries.

It's a lie that Campbell has business experience. What he has is Big Business CONNECTIONS. And all of them are calling in favours now....


"Strong economic leadership" I suppose is code for claiming a crown corporation was losing money (by manipulating its books) and then selling it to companies which had donated boodled to the party fund for half its possible value, then sitting back and watch that corporation turn it around, as if miraculously, into a money-making operation simply because the actual profitability of the operations were no longer worth hiding. The crown corporation was BC Rail, the private company who bought it was CN Rail (btw Bill Gates bought 35% of CN Rail just after the acquisition of BC Rail).

"Strong economic leadership" apparently also is code for the rigged bidding process which saw Burlington Northern & Santa Fe, Omni/TRAX, FerroEquus, and the CPR all withdraw from bidding because it was clear that the process was tainted and that both the government and bank handling the sale disclosed information about the other bidders to CN. "Strong economic leadership" - what nonsense!
another bit on CanadaEast

Even BEFORE the bidding process was announced publicly, Campbell told the caucus that not only would BC Rail be sold (which they had campaigned denying) but that it would be CN Rail that it would be sold to....and that they were not to tell the public the truth and that they wanted to "manage" the sale by holding a fake process.......sleaze, kickbacks, insider information, outright lying - the story of the sale of BC Rail has it all, but you won't hear about it in the Big Media. What you'll hear is "strong economic leadership".........and "we can't comment, it's before the courts"......
Sign me up, too, Mary for Laila's election committee. Fun BBQ soirees too!! I'll bring dessert.

Laila for Premier! Lordy - she'd make mincemeat of some of these light weight bozos.
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