Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Basi Virk hearing again today, Vancouver Supreme Court, start-time 10:00 AM

Noted in passing ...

The Olympic Toke! Read about it HERE in the Williams Lake Tribune.


BC Attorney-General loses seat ... HERE.


any comments out there?
Yes, is there going to be anyone there in court? I have a bad feeling about this week. Too many things are starting to happen.
Oh yes but now that Elections BC has ruled Wally is out of a job, Gordo can't hide behind Wally and his " It's before the courts" on anything asked in or out of the Legislature. But Wally will have to wait awhile before heading off to real life as a Judicial recount by law will occur. Sweet .
No reports from Basi Virk courtroom yet today (or yesterday) ... although Bill T. did promise for today.

Meantime, WooHOOOOOOOO for Delta South and Ms Huntingdon!

Yes, Mary, wonderful success for Vicky Huntington!

She will show the MLAs on both side of the house, what it truly means to represent the best interests of PEOPLE OF British Columbia vs private Insider Deals with a strong, measured voice of reason & ethics.

Knew her Dad, Ron, and he will be busting his buttons with pride - on 'the other side'!

I predict great things in this woman's blossoming political career. She has what it takes to be a Leader and my family and I wish her the best.
secondlook, hopefully Vicky won't join the dark side, or the BC liaRs, after a couple years in Independent Purgatory. Squirrel Cheeked Keith BalderDash suggested as much this evening on GlowBall Newsance!

Too bad about Charlie Wyse. Too bad also that Wally won't suffer any career setbacks, they're already falling over themselves trying to decide if he should be some big commissioner to "solve the gang problems" or go directly to the Senate. He'll probably wind up making more money and not having to cover for Gordo fulltime!

I guess if Stevie appointed the "un-elected" Wally to the Upper House, it would prove Stevie isn't really that fussy about an elected upper chamber AND maybe a couple more people would realize that the BC LINOs and the Ottawa (Calgary) PsuedoCons are really the same party using different aliases!

Are there other countries where the political parties just pull names out of the air (or their own inner regions) to confuse the electorate and avoid having to use tarnished brand names? If they acted the same in the US, the Republican Party would already be known as something else!

What is Steven Harper? Once he was a (gasp!) Liberal, and I know of at least, Reform, Alliance and the pretend Conservatives that today pretend to be a government. If the polls get low enough he'll be looking in the mirror asking it what party he should call himself now!

As far as I can tell he has always been the same old Reich Wingnut TheoCratic Idiotlogue - a rose is a rose......etc.

I'm certain they're keeping a seat warm for him at the American Enterprise Institute Wank Tank or similar, for when he runs out of aliases. After all he is practically the only "world leader" with a job left promoting the Bu$hCo agenda, and Dick and Dubya gotta appreciate that!
Hi all - major big news story on my blog late Tuesday and in 24 hours Wednesday!
Donna Barnett should be wary of her election win. She is one of the Mayors that has connections to pilothouse and Brian Kieran.

She has written interesting letters that are contained in the BC Rail documents obtained by the NDP.

I am surprised that no one questioned her on those letters during the election.
Anon @9:30

"I am surprised that no one questioned her on those letters during the election."

Surely you jest. Assuming she even showed up anywhere that unvetted rabble could have asked a question - you obviously are forgetting that actual "issues" were a forbidden subject during the recent "purported" election. Much more important were things like a hand over a clothed breast, the weather conditions when Carole James flew over the Green Devastation of IPP developments or heart-warming pictures of Gordon Campbell's "real" family!

For the NDP to actually confront the masters of finance (BC Libs) on their record was verboten as "negative" campaigning!

Besides, the NDP are already responsible for EVERYTHING wrong in BC, and will continue to be even if they are never government again. Me, I'm getting all ready for the rush of activity in my Kootenay village when the five ring circus comes to town (well to Whistler and Vancouver)!

Seriously though, who knows maybe Barnett's Pilothouse etc. connections will bring her down and she can join the Ferret, Reid, Plante, Nettleton and others who have been thrown under the secret BC Rail bus!
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