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Different laws for different flaws

CN Police

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Formed 1923
Preceding agencies
Canadian National Railway Police
BC Rail Police
Illinois Central Railroad Police
Grand Trunk Railway Police
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Police

The Canadian National Railway Police Service is a private police service enforcing all criminal and provincial laws on properties owned, operated and administered by Canadian National (CN). CN has rail lines in Canada and the United States including some of the lines used by the Government of Ontario Transit (GO Transit) throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA.)

Established in 1923, sworn officers operate across Canada and the United States. In Canada the Headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec. Regional offices in Montreal, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia.

In Canada, the BC Rail Police amalgamated into the CN Police Service in 2005. In the US three railway police services, Illinois Central Railroad Police, Grand Trunk Railway Police and Wisconsin Central Transportation Police also amalgamated into the CN Police Service.

In Canada officers are federally sworn under section 44.1 - Railway Safety Act granting powers as Police Constables and have the same powers of arrest as any police officer in Canada as 'Peace Officers' under Section 2 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Their federal oath of office primarily directs their duties 'on and along' the lines of the CN. Officers also have special provincial appointments which allow for them to extend provincial enforcement outside the boundaries set under the Railway Safety Act of Canada, except in Quebec.

The primary goal of CN Police officers is protect rail commerce and rail infrastructure.

The three main focused mandates of the CN Police Service are:

1) Traffic enforcement and collision investigations, to reduce deaths and injuries along rail lines and properties.
2) Criminal and provincial investigation including Crime Prevention (CPTED.)
3) Public Safety and Awareness Education.

In 1995 CN Police officers were greatly reduced during the privatization of the CN from the federal government. This transitioned CN from a Crown Corporation to private industry, becoming a tax paying corporation thereby entitling CN to the municipal and provincial policing efforts already established across the nation. Thus allowing for the reduction of this federal police service.

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Now that the provincial election is over will the NDP be allowing the public to have access to the 8000 pages that Justice Madame Bennett gave to them in regards to the BC Rail Trial?
Anon, that is a tough call (making Leonard Krog's FOI results accesible again), after all, there could be an election again in four years and it wouldn't be seemly - and besides you, Mary, me and some I could count on my fingers does anyone care? Carole James has already pointed out that she NEVER agreed with the negative tone of their campaign. The NDP were negative? They actually had a campaign? Oh yeah, now I remember we actually had an all candidates' meeting in my town and even the BC liaR Candidate made an appearance. She never managed to utter an accurate statement however - she told us how she would stand up to Gordo for us (Like Blair Did maybe?) and she kept telling us about all the new doctors and nurses the Liberals had (and would continue to)brought to us.

I kept wondering if they were hiding all dem new doctors and nurses in all those closed down hhospitals, the ones where nobody ever goes anymore!

Of course our riding was never a contest anyway, over two thirds of us don't like Gordo and vote NDP, and what's left is as likely to go Green, Real Con or even Commie as even consider the Gordo Party.

As far as the Railroad Police in the posting, you can never have enough different kinds of law enforcement, policemans and general coppers in yer good old Police State! And of course, the more corrupt, arrogant and unaccountable -the better!

Former RCMP psychologist in letter to the murder victim at YVR's mother - "your son died as a result of very poor, low quality police work." (approx wording) But that attitude is only appropriate in a "civil" society, it is completely out of line in a "Police State."
"making Leonard Krog's FOI results accesible again".... - Kootcoot

You've got a lot of pent up frustration there but I'm glad to see you're in top form venting.

During the provincial election everyone was commenting on how the BC Liberal and NDP caucus websites had unceremoniously shut down for the duration of the campaign and that once May 12th was over and done with it would be back to business, as usual... which would have included having access to the 8000 documents and an inquiry of BC Rail participants if the "socialists" had won a four year term.

An event called "Naming the Names" involving victims of Church abuse will be tried for the first time in Vancouver on May 27. It might introduce us to a process of natural justice to be used when all else fails ... what do you think?

This coming week, a lone First Nations woman named Charlotte will face the media in Vancouver, Canada and will name the name of the church official who murdered her sister at a Canadian Indian residential school.

Charlotte is doing what her natural right and justice compels, which is to tell the truth and hold criminals accountable ...
This effort is solidly backed by common law and precedent, which allows citizens to make arrests and hold accountable known criminals when police forces and the courts refuse to do so.

Stopping the Fraud, Naming the Names:
A New Direction for Survivors of Church Violence
by Kevin D. Annett

People are invited to attend this first step in a new process of seeking justice.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 10:00 AM
Classroom #2 - 3rd floor
Carnegie Centre
at Main & Hastings, Vancouver.

Anyone who attends, would you let us know how it unfolds?

For Railgate Obsessives, this experiment is "thinking outside the box".

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