Friday, May 15, 2009


Letter to Paul



Like a ray of sunshine breaking through dark clouds, your message took away some of the post-election gloom.

This was no ordinary election, and losing it was like knowing we have lost British Columbia. It's like waking up 64 years later, finding that Hitler was victorious in WWII. His devoted Joseph Goebbels would certainly be envious of British Columbia's Public Affairs Bureau.

I've been trying to tell the despondent 48% that we fought the good fight, we did stand up for B.C., we made an honest assault upon Campbell corruption. We should feel proud, just as you should forever feel proud of your stand. But the trauma is there. And since Tuesday, newsrooms across the country, picking up from CanWest, are celebrating Campbell as having saved the environment!! As he PAVES the way into the glorious future. I'm sure you know the feeling.

We had an invisible enemy. First and foremost, the 24/7, multi-million$$ Public Affairs Bureau. 2) the so-called Green Party which did for the BC Liberals what Ralph Nader did for George W Bush, 3) Bill 42 which put onerous new restrictions on voters, disqualifying many (5% of the electorate or 170,000 voters, says Pacific Gazette), and 4) CanWest media bias.

All this, we had to fight ... before we fought Gordo's Gang.

So I'm absolutely delighted to hear that Basi ... Basi, of all people! ... will be reaching back in time and revealing the whole continuum. I sincerely hope you'll be called upon to testify ... at length. I'll be there -- I promise you that -- as will many of your other supporters.

For the moment, I can't think how best to use this information from Bolton's office (except to enjoy its significance). There was another Basi-Virk pre-trial hearing on Tuesday(!) but of course, everybody was fixated on the election ... and I still haven't found out what happened in Supreme Court that day.

Thank you, thank you for this. It will help us soldier on. I'll let you know, before I publish the letter or anything about the letter. I suppose it could conflict with solicitor-client privilege?? Best wishes ... are you at home for the Victoria Day Weekend?


BC Rail accused seek premier's e-mails


Lawyers for three former government aides accused of corruption related to the $1-billion sale of BC Rail in 2003 applied Thursday for the e-mails of Premier Gordon Campbell and other Liberal cabinet ministers. [See story here.]

Lawyer Michael Bolton told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett that the defence filed the application earlier that morning for disclosure of the e-mails related to BC Rail from the premier and 16 MLAs, including cabinet ministers.

{Snip} ...


Can't ya just wait, huh, until they call the Premier's Executive Assistant and Deputy Chief of Staff (all one of her)? And Martyn Brown. And Erik Bornmann. And Patrick Kinsella. and and and and.....

Who knows, maybe Harper will actually appoint a justice who's not friendly to the BC Liberals. People like Gordo and Stephen don't have friends, they have allies of circumstance. But if Harper figures he can hurt the federal Grits by taking down the BC Liberals (paving the way for a resurgence of the provincial Conservative), maybe that's the tarnished-silver lining on the dark cloud of grease-smoke this constitutes.....nah, just wishful thinking I guess....

The reality is that the Chretienites are back running things and it is the Martinis, many of whom, especially the members of the Lotusland Division, were backing Dion, who are most vulnerable to full disclosure on RailGate....Thus, I don't think there is much there to 'really' whack them on.


You make a very good point, because reality is not important when it comes to dumb-eyed media-assisted spin wars where most of the component parts of the Wurlitzer are too dumb (or pretend to be too dumb) to tell the difference.

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