Thursday, May 28, 2009


CN cost-cutting blamed for Lillooet derailment June 29, 2006 when two BCRail trainmen died

The Globe and Mail - May 28, 2009

Transportation Safety Board says formal risk assessment was missed.


With dynamic brakes, the risk of a loss of control would have been reduced.

When the system was operated by BC Rail, locomotives were equipped with dynamic braking systems, but CN removed such locomotives after they acquired the operation in 2004, replacing them with older locomotives.

Don Faulkner and Thomas Dodd died at the scene of the violent derailment. The engineer, Gordon Rhodes, suffered serious injuries.

See full story and Lillooet train derailment animation HERE.

Speaking of cost-cutting, Robin Mathews writes here about the economy, corporations, and banking systems.

Excerpt: the International Monetary Fund ... still demands that debtor countries impoverish themselves, raise interest rates, cut public expenditures, freeze wages, and place themselves in a weakened position ripe for the picking off of their public corporations and major wealth resources by foreign corporations.


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