Sunday, May 24, 2009


The "What, are you guys crazy?" letters

Hard to believe some of this stuff.
If you have a few minutes, have a look at these letters, for two things:

In particular: " The letter which was part of records obtained by legislative raid trial defense lawyers and released by the provincial New Democrats." - Sean Holman ...

* inside talk about how the Public Affairs Bureau works, which doesn't have one whole heckuva lot to do with democracy,

* the Big Railroading Boys trying to reason with Gordo's Gang ... and it wasn't working ! These letters all dating from the summer of 2003 left me wondering what on earth kind of deal B.C.'s brilliant business-managers hammered out with CN, that the details need to be kept secret to this day.

Also, don't miss how Captain Houston, President and C.E.O. of Port of Vancouver, in his letter of June 13, 2003, reminds the Minister of Transportation, Ms Reid, that he had "conveyed our $1-billion investment plan for Roberts Bank ... but recently we have heard that the sale process will consist of an auction to the highest bidder. The Vancouver Port Authority [VPA] is extremely concerned about the impacts this could have on our existing business as well as our growth objectives and investment plans ... the Port subdivision [being] critical not only to BC's economy but to Canada's as well."

Capt. Houston especially complained that Minister Reid had palmed him off ... "When I met you on May 12, you suggested that I should ask for a meeting with the "evaluation committee" through Bob Virk. Upon making that request, we were advised by Mr Virk that the evaluation committee will not meet with us and that we would have to await the appointment of the "investment banker" that would be handling the disposition process. We are very concerned that, without proper instructions, the disposition process may take a path that will not be in any of our best economic interests. Minister, this is a critical issue and I urgently ask for a meeting with the Government of British Columbia to discuss it." Copies went to Gordo, CN, BCR, CPR. Famous last words by Gordo and his Ministers should be studied in grad. school Economics.

And oh yes: the BC Federation of Labour requested a meeting to discuss BCRail too, as the Trainmen had put together a business plan of their own. I don't know if their plan got anywhere, as the Trades Union letter of March 2003 was ignored until May 2003 when somebody phoned them, left a message, and got no call-back, so that was that.

No wonder the BC Rail "privatization" investment plan thing is still secret. But the next giveaways are unraveling as we speak, and will take effect on July 14, 2009 when priceless BCR waterfront lands will go to CN for $1. if we don't pretty soon wake up. Brilliant. Just absolutely freakin' brilliant business managers. - BC Mary.


The BCR's waterfront lands in North Vancouver are much larger in scope than the Expo Lands (former CPR property), which were another boondoggle....but not a $1 boondoggle.....

Does that include the waterfront lands at the Port of Squamish?
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