Monday, June 08, 2009


Basi Virk ... um, er, sorta confirmed

Court dates? Every court in B.C. is listed today as

No sittings for this location.

And that's the listing for every court house in B.C.


So where do I turn? To Bill Tieleman, of course. I e.mailed:

Hi Bill,

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

Just wondered what you make of today's Court Listings (June 7).

I have never seen this phenom before. Every court I checked says "No sittings for this location" ... has somebody died? Is it a summer schedule? Are the judges on strike (har har)? Has swine 'flu taken them down?

God forbid that they should insert a few words to explain.


Bless Bill. He always comes through for us. He replied:

Just the usual incompetence and lack of respect for the public as far as I
can tell.

Here's my understanding of upcoming court dates ...

Monday, Tuesday June 8-9 - BC Rail FOIs

Wed/Thurs/Fri - OFF

Mon June 15-18 hearings on

Fri June 19 - maybe on maybe off


Big thanks to Bill Tieleman.

Boo! hiss! and brraack! to the Court clerks. Surely to gosh a few courteous words of explanation would be more appropriate than outright false info.


So here we are, Citizens, hung out to dry. The Crown Prosecutor has the trial stalled due to his costly appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada (Ottawa) about a secret witness who may or may not exist. The Campbell Cartel has a lawyer in court arguing against allowing a few e.mails to be released to the Defence. Associate Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court may decide to "promote" (i.e., remove) Madam Justice Bennett from the Basi Virk / BC Rail Case. Our Crown Prosecutor wants her gone, too, and wants a new judge to start all over from Day One.

And now, right in line with all this, the B.C. Supreme Court listing is telling the public to "Move along, folks, ain't nuthin' happenin' here ..." when, in fact, crucial pre-trial hearings are taking place.

At what point do the citizens of British Columbia start saying "We're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it any longer?"


A note from DPL tells us that the Court listings did change, much later in the day -- that is, too late for people to attend. As for June 9, there's no listing for Basi Virk nor their File #23299. - BC Mary.


Bill T suggests that the lack of info in the AG's website this morning is due to:
"Just the usual incompetence and lack of respect for the public as far as I can tell"

Mr. T is pretty well right on, that and a dash of BC liaR "Openess and Transparency" and that explains it all. The less we know, the better we feel!

Perhaps the PABlum Brigade had the weekend off, and couldn't vet the court schedules for political "appropriateness" in time to publish this morning! Orwell could have invented the Public Affairs Bureau - and pretty well did - actually!
A very good article about 'the theft" of BCRail by those 'open and honest' so called liberals in Victoria.
A very big Thank You, 5:46, for the tip-off to Kevin Potvin's excellent analysis.

He's referring to the Charles Rivers "Fairness Report" which has proven highly unsatisfying to the people I know who have tried to study it. But Potvin does a good job of explaining why.

Wow. Makes a person feel sorta empowered, don't you think? Thanks again.

The court page showing nothing today wasa for June 07.which was sunday. Sometime today date appeared and the Basi Basi folks were there.

So the posting was a bit late.
Hahahahahahahaha ... I wish all problems, puzzles and predicaments could be resolved this way.

Thanks, DPL.

I don't remember ever looking at the listings on a Sunday.

But I did check the Court listings throughout the day today and they were very late indeed ... they hadn't changed by noon, as far as I can recall. And by then, I stopped looking.
"So the posting was a bit late."

Even when they are on time they are TOO Ffffing late to be of use where I live. Perhaps I could make it to a session (rarely held) in the Nakusp courthouse on the basis of knowledge gleaned from information published online ON TIME. Even Nelson would be difficult, assuming (a silly assumption) the info was published in a timely manner.

From the sounds of this though, even a person living in the West End of the City that Matters, Vancouver, wouldn't have had the info in time to actually......LIKE USE IT!

They used to often leave the previous Friday's listings up (inadvertantly?) until posting the next Monday's info - however the key fact to keep in mind here is this:

The posting of helpful information about the (in)Justice System in BC is not nearly as high a priority as is the efforts of the Public Affairs Bureau to manage the perceptions of the sheeple.

Actually nothing at all is anywhere near as important as the PAB's mission, excepting the ongoing transfer of the assets of all British Columbians to Gordo's friends. And of course it requires the hundreds of the PABlum Brigade to convince the victims of this ongoing theft that it is GOOD!
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