Monday, June 22, 2009


BC Rail Day is July 14, 2009 when one of two things may happen ...

A commenter has sent us this copy of a letter to her local newspaper:

Dear Mr. Editor:

I am writing this in the hope that it may help unlock the logjam surrounding documents, emails, phone calls and other forms of communication regarding the sale of BC Rail. This has been going on for far too long now, it is costing the taxpayers of this Province hundreds of millions of dollars in lawyer’s fees alone. It has to stop.

One has to wonder why the government has done everything in their power to keep the sales documents from public view, it is after all the sale of public property, and we do have a RIGHT to know what has been/is being done to us, and in our name. This “sale” took place nearly 5 years ago, and we still don’t know what the sale entails?! Perhaps the government is waiting for a specific occurrence, before making just how much taxpayers have lost in this deal, apparent.

July 14, 2009 is the critical date. The date when one of two things may happen:
1. CN Rail will take possession of all BC Rail waterfront lands from North Van to Squamish for the princely sum of $1.00. Yes, you read that right, a dollar. What are those lands REALLY worth? Why would the Premier even consider something like that, and still call himself a businessman?

2. There is a rumour about that date that will be extraordinarily easy for the Premier to disprove by producing all documents relating to the sale…this is the date of possible repossession of BC Rail by the taxpayers of BC. Once this date passes, there is absolutely nothing taxpayers can do about the largest giveaway this Province has ever seen.

It is time for mainstream news media to begin digging and printing what they know. Newspapers across this Province have forgotten who they’re ultimately designed to serve, the people. You’re our eyes and ears in the legislature at the very least. Collectively you are failing us; above all, you’re failing yourselves.

"Leah" advises that this is a copy of the letter sent to her local newspaper for print this week. Next her local liberal MLA gets a phone call.


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