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Bill Tieleman: May be "no explanation" for missing e-mails and more ...

Read Bill Tieleman's column for today, June 25, 2009 HERE.

See also "Delete my #'?*'ing expletives, Mr Premier" from North Shore News ... HERE.


North Van's Grumps said... [on Bill Tieleman's blog]
Whats his name, the lawyer representing the interests of the Executive Council over the Courts [George Copley - BC Mary], stated that all of the emails have been deleted..... sooooooo at the Ministry of Labour and Citizens's Services at Records Management ...PAC Submissions and Approvals between 1997 to 2007, there hasn't been one submission made by the Executive Council to dispose of their documents between 2001 and 2007.

How did the emails get destroyed then if these people who serve on the Public Documents Committee which consists of the chief executive officer of the museum or a person designated by the chief executive officer, a person designated by the minister responsible for the administration of this Act, the Comptroller General, and 3 other persons to be named by the Lieutenant Governor in Council didn't elect for their disposal... which is then required to be approved by the Legilslative Assembly where the NDP and other like minded souls would vote AGAINST the destruction of the evidence.

The PDC meets regularly to review records retention and disposition schedules submitted by ministries and other government bodies for the Committee's approval. Representatives from ministries and government bodies, as well as the Corporate Records Management Branch, attend each meeting in order to answer questions from the members of the PDC. If the PDC approves, it submits the records schedule to the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PAC), which is a Committee of the Legislative Assembly. The PAC in turn recommends approval of the records schedules to the Legislative Assembly.


Were they transfered? When he says they are not recoverable, does that mean from the Gov office's? Is he failing to say they can be recovered from the Archive/Museum?
Records; 3-07 Documentation of Records; and 2-03 Authority to Apply Records

Ministries or other bodies cease to be authorized to retrieve the records directly from the storage facility; however they can access records via the Royal BC
Museum’s (BC Archives)

2.2 Transfer of Records to the Legal Custody of the government archives
The government archives will assume legal custody of government records
scheduled for full or selective retention under the authority of an approved
records retention and disposition schedule after active and semi-active retention
periods have elapsed and required transfer procedures have been completed.
When records scheduled for selective or full retention are transferred to the
government archives’ custody, the government archives becomes the legal
custodian of the records. Records will be transferred to the government archives’
legal custody in accordance with standards and procedures established in CIMB’s
Recorded Information Management Policies 2-04

2.3 Destruction of Records
CIMB will arrange for the destruction of records stored in government-contracted
records storage facilities that are scheduled for final disposition of destruction in
accordance with CIMB’s Recorded Information Management Policies 2-04,
Disposition of Government Records and 2-02, Destruction of Government
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