Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Bill Tieleman: More Kinsella documents, more delays


More Patrick Kinsella documents, more delays in Basi-Virk "trial that never ends"

Whatever "business advice" BC Rail paid BC Liberal insider Patrick Kinsella $297,000 for has produced another 66 documents that the defence in the BC Legislature raid case wants access to.

And once again developments in BC Supreme Court have resulted in yet another supreme delay in the proceedings.

With 10 lawyers in attendance, Justice Elizabeth Bennett heard extended arguments from the defence, Kinsella's legal counsel and BC Rail's attorney
{Snip} ...

... Wednesday [tomorrow, June 17] with lawyer Ed Montague, representing 17 BC Liberal MLAs - including Premier Gordon Campbell - responding to a defence request for their emails related to the BC Rail sale.

Bill's full report is here.


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