Friday, June 05, 2009


Bill Tieleman reports on 'Kinsella Day' in BC Supreme Court


Patrick Kinsella's lawyer denies in court his client had anything to do with BC Rail sale; defence argues otherwise

A lawyer for BC Liberal insider Patrick Kinsella says there is "no evidence that he was part of the sale process" in the $1 billion BC Rail privatization but defence lawyers in the BC Legislature raid case argued otherwise Friday.

James Sullivan, representing Kinsella, was opposing a defence application in front of BC Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett to obtain the records of Kinsella's companies in connection to his $297,000 contract with BC Rail.

And defence counsel Michael Bolton, representing David Basi - the former BC Liberal ministerial assistant facing breach of trust and fraud charges along with fellow ex-MA Bob Virk - also said he wants any records Kinsella has connected to CN Rail as well.

Bennett heard spirited arguments from Sullivan, Bolton and Kevin McCullough, counsel for Virk, about the potential relevance of evidence Kinsella may posess.

"We're seeking from Mr. Kinsella records that relate to the Progressive Group and Progressive Holdings from 2001 to 2005, all communications, correspondence, invoices, cheques and briefing reports connected to Mr. Kinsella's dealings with BC Rail, connected to the sale of BC Rail and the divestiture of the Roberts Bank Subport," Bolton said ... {Snip} ...

Bill Tieleman's detailed report in full is HERE.


Basi Virk trial judge to make her own call.

Keith Fraser report is here.


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