Thursday, June 04, 2009


Breaking news from Bill Tieleman: yes, Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm will be in Courtroom 43 today

Update from Bill Tieleman:
Just confirmed but it’s not online apparently. I’ll be there.

Sorry, I don't have the start-time for Dohm's conference yet. - Mary.

1:30 pm ... now they tell us that things got started 3 hours ago! at 9:45 and 10:00 am and from there I can't make head nor tail of the Court Listings today, for example: the Reason for Being There (RSN) is PTC at 9:45 and CNA at 10:00 in Room 43 and REG. Go figure.

Times like this, its very clear how important the media is. Watch for Bill Tieleman's report. I hope Robin Mathews is in Courtroom 43 taking notes, right now too. Maybe Mark Hume as well. Keith Fraser. Neal Hall ...

We want to know all about it. What did Dohm say? Was Madam Justice Bennett there? Will she continue to be the presiding judge for the rest of the Basi Virk BC Rail Case? How many lawyers? Is there a trial date set? Was the Public Gallery filled to overflowing? What happens next ... ?


To keep watch: go to the "Links" in the left margin of this page.

Click on BC Criminal Courts, then
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maybe he's in ottawa
Reminds me of the Dragnet theme - you know....Dohm_Dohm_Dohm_Dohm___Dohm_Dohm_Dohm_Dohm____Dohmmmmmmmmm!

I guess we can't hope for Sgt. Friday's weekly request to be honoured though, can we? know what I mean....just the FACTS...m'aam, nothing but the FACTS!

Here in BC, the facts are whatever the PAMblum brigade says they are.....GOT IT?
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