Friday, June 05, 2009


Kinsella Day in BC Supreme Court

I heard it on the grapevine yesterday and it's true! It's there in today's Vancouver Supreme Court listings: Basi Virk Basi hearing June 5, 2009 (that's today) with a start-time of 10:00 AM. Program looks the same: Full Disclosure and Applications for Records but from all reports yesterday, the topic of Kinsella does indeed light up Courtroom 43. - BC Mary


I would certainly hate having to be a process server trying to serve papers on Mr. Kinsella. I wouldn't enjoy looking under that many rocks and seeing all the other creepy crawly thingies I would run into searching for that slime infested sleazebag!
They can only hide gordo for so long. Seems to me that the rats who have left, the rats that are still there, will soon realize that if they still cover for him, it will take them down also. Look in the near future for a canary to sing. Run gordo run! Give us back our province.

Remember all... boycott NW, and all their sponsors. It seems that they don't like my protest all to much. Send them a little note voicing your concerns with them protecting "gordo the king".
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