Wednesday, July 22, 2009


What happened when we live-blogged with Mark Hume

This explains why some questions didn't appear on the live-blog today ...

On Jul 22, 2009, Hume, Mark wrote:

Mary…I had some technical difficulties on my first experience with Go Live today and lost a number of questions….I did see your name on the list, but due to an error on my part, your question and several others did not get responded to. My apologies. I did get things figured out, but only after some material was lost.

Mark Hume
The Globe and Mail
National Correspondent, the Vancouver bureau
Phone: 604-631-6667

Posted here, with permission. - BC Mary.


Mark Hume shows all the earmarks of a thoughtful person. I am exceptionally glad that he has held on to this BC Rail story. Like you, he seems very interested in informing the public to the best of his ability. I would think that in the end, he may just receive a journalism prize.

Further, I believe that the recognition that you have been receiving of late is more than well-deserved, BC Mary.

Take care,
Thanks Mark, the explanation is appreciated, as was the effort itself.

I hope you'll go back over the questions and comments, pull out some of the ones you'd like to respond to and do that at a later date - or perhaps in an upcoming column.


And thanks Mary for giving me the opportunity to post this to Mark's attention.
thank goodness we are not ruled by the same bureau chief that decides what goes into our mainstream newspapers ... this has been an excellent series of articals thanks mary for all your good works in keeping us the public informed.... when are charges going to be laid.. criminal contemp? destroying documents of this nature during an election???? what the hell??
its like a south american dictator ship here
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