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Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie

New Supreme Court Justice on Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail trial.

I thought it would be easy to find a simple biography of Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie but like so much else, such is not the case. So far, I've only found that Mary Anne MacKenzie was born in Vancouver in 1983 to parents who were lawyers (her mother was Madam Justice Anne Winter). Is this the correct Anne MacKenzie? I don't think so. Or maybe the 1983 is a clerical error ... or maybe it's Anne W. MacKenzie ...

The most interesting info. came in the form of a book review. Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions (CRIMJI) 4th ed., ISBN 1-55258-456-9, published Sept. 1, 2008 @ $350. a copy with CD updates is "the source of jury instructions and law that the bench and bar have turned to." Where Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett was one of the 3 authors, Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie was one of the 8 members of the editorial board.

There's more detail if you click HERE. [But this link has gone dead, since yesterday. This is beginning to feel weird. - BC Mary.]


Time for some serious research so maybe we might get a feel for whether she is on the side of the government or justice.

Finally finding some non-hells angels or Mark Emery stuff. Okay, just one additional article.

I was thinking - without reading much of the hells angels stuff, it seems like the wire-tap evidence was the clincher.

I think there may be two sides to this coin.

If she is meticulous and everything MUST be done by the book or it is thrown out...

We may be in great luck or royally hooped.

I will look to something other than the great and powerful google to continue my research.

Mary, are you sure she was born in 1983?

Unless Justice Winter is a female Doogie Howser, she has only been out of law school a couple of years. Anyone born in 1983 may not even be 26 yet. How can one have enough experience to run a complex trial such as this. OR IS THAT THE IDEA - someone who will do what they are told? Hell, why not have Eric Bornmann preside or Lara?

Of course she may have taken an Arts and Law degree at University of Saskatchewan, in which case she could have four or five years before the bar already. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez....
OK, folks, OK, OK ...

the 1983 date must be wrong.

Thought so as I copied it.

But like I said, I (and others) are having a hard time finding ANY biographical details about Madam Justice MacKenzie.

Anybody who can find the correct birth-date will be crowned Monarch for the day ...

or where Anne MacK. went to school ...

especially Law School ...


please share.
"Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie
New Supreme Court Justice on Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail trial.

I thought it would be easy to find a simple biography of Madam Justice Ann MacKenzie"

Is that Ann with an E or Anne without an E?


I wonder if someone has eliminated the space between Ann E to make it Anne. Hmmmmm.


Mary Ann was called to the Ontario Bar in 1993 and, following her return to British Columbia, was called to the B.C. Bar in the same year. She started her practice in British Columbia at Swinton & Company in Vancouver (now Miller Thomson). Moving back to her hometown of Victoria two years later, she joined Carfra & Lawton, becoming a partner there in 2000. In 2006, Mary Ann fulfilled her dream of practicing on her own, and joined a group of sole practitioners working together as MacMinn & Company."

Madam Justice Anne W. MacKenzie (Vancouver)

•Appointed to Supreme Court June 20, 1996
According to the offical list of BC Supreme Court Judges website
O blessed Anon 3:46,

but when I google that site (as I keep doing ... like a lunatic, expecting a different answer each time),

there are 11,500,000 items listed,

have you found one


even one

which tells us a bit about

Mary Anne MacKenzie?

... or is it Anne W. MacKenzie ...
It is interesting to note that what one does find when one googles Justice Mackenzie are links primarily, well, solely so far, connected to drugs eg. the Hell's Angels and Marc Emery stuff.

Is the selection of this judge another re-attempt at setting the stage for public view, of dressing this case up, once again, as simply just another drug case, with, most importantly, no ties or trail back to implicate government?

Is this trial being moved back to square one, back to the early days of the raid on the legislature...when it was said "with such certainty" that there was no one in government involved?

Do certain people want the lingering scent of this trial to be about drugs....hoping, like a cheap perfume, that it will mask the ever-increasing stench of political corruption?

It's hard to believe that in a case that has been so manipulated by secrecy and public relations rather than through openness and transparency that the selection of a new judge would not be equally so controlled and "designed".

Is this going to be just another time-consuming sequel to the performance we just watched?
from 1980 UBC archives:

Anne W. Mackenzie:

Anne W. MacKenzie,. BA'73, LLB'77, currently practises law as fed- eral crown counsel with the department of jus- tice in Vancouver. ..
is this the right anne mackenzie?

which is more wise and learned, the one with the capital "K" or is it the small "k"???
This pre-trial to a trial is turning out to be like a made in Hollywood Perry Mason court room thriller. Or maybe its closer to the productions of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot.

The villain here is not amongst the current defendants. The villain is not amongst elected officials so says the RCMP. That leaves insiders to the elected officials who used the defendants as scapegoats.

Either by the end of this pre-trial, or the concluding chapter in the trial, all will be revealed and then we can look forward to another five or six years of the real culprit(s) demise.

Meanwhile, somewhere on beaches in Hawaii ....... glasses will be raised to cheer on democracy as it slowly comes out of the depresseion.
Wow ,I was just reading up on the judge looks like we're going to be in for a pickle of a time ,according to what I read she's either an idiot or on drugs or on the take!Just google her name and check it out!
Anon 2:15,

What makes you think I haven't googled her name?

Of course I've seen those rather nasty write-ups

and I chose to keep looking for some solid, basic facts.

Others, too, have spent hours searching.

The thing is: we're not finding even the simplest facts: where was she born? where did she go to school? where did she get her law degree? when was she called to the bar?

Until I begin to wonder why there's nothing except those nasty items ...

don't you wonder, too?


copy this into your browser, then add the Keywords Anne MacKenzie

at Master, Judge, Registrar add MacKenzie

There are four trials that Our Judge has been involved with at the Supreme Court level.

If you don't put in Anne MacKenzie then you will end up viewing a fistful of decisions by a Mr. Justice MacKenzie at the Appeal Court level.
Dear 4:37,

I truly do not know how you would imagine me searching for Anne MacKenzie without typing the words "Anne MacKenzie" into the box where judge, master, etc. is indicated.

But let me assure you that I do type her name into searches, including this one, and guess what?

A red message told me: "No results found" ... and I'm not making this up.

So tell us: has she heard only 4 cases since being appointed to BCSC? Do you know when she was appointed?


copy "this", the above, into your into your browser, then, at the screen where the word "Keywords" write "Anne MacKenzie"

at "Master, Judge, Registrar" write "MacKenzie"

If you only write MacKenzie once you will get MR. Justice MacKenzie in the Appeal Court too, and he's been a busy fellow, whereas by putting the Keywords "Anne MacKenzie" in you limit the search only to Anne MacKenzie.

If you only type in Anne MacKenzie the answer is NONE!

I didn't write the program for the Justice department, someone down at PAB for the Attorney General's Office did!
Maybe she is one of those Judges on the "Do think you can dance shows". This last one had to have been a Judge on the Gong Show.
Thank you, 6:54,

I did try again ... again ... and after a while I got ONE result wherein Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie went on and on at length about the division of assets and custody of 4 kids in a marriage break-up.

I admire the judge's thoroughness but holy smoke, I kept thinking of the BC Rail Case with at least 75 witnesses ready to testify ... and began to wonder if we'd assigned ourselves to an eternity in purgatory or something.

Thanks again for your patience.

Is it possible you know where we could find an actual simple, not necessarily complicated, just a kind of Getting-To-Know-You kind of biography for Justice MacKenzie?

north van grumps already gave it to you on August 22, 2009 3:16 PM, above....


snip.....Mary Ann was called to the Ontario Bar in 1993.....snip
Be nice.

N.V.G. sent me the item about ... how did that go ... E. Mary Ann MacKenzie?

But I don't think that's our Anne MacKenzie.

E. Mary wasn't even appointed to the BC Supreme Court.

OK ... ?
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