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Poll: 42% of Vancouver Point Grey voters would recall Campbell ...

Campbell now deeply unpopular in his home riding.

By Crawford Kilian
The Hook - September 19, 2009

As thousands of British Columbians rallied to protest the Harmonized Sales Tax, a new poll indicated Premier Gordon Campbell is deeply unpopular in his own home riding.

A B.C. Federation of Labour news release this morning cited a new Environics Poll showing 42 percent of voters in Vancouver Point Grey would sign a petition to recall Campbell, including a quarter of those who voted for him in May.

The release also said:
An overwhelming number (79 percent) believed the Premier should have told British Columbians that his government was going to introduce the tax prior to the election.

When told that the tax collected from consumers through the HST would all go to corporations instead of being used to pay for better government programs, 64 percent (including 59 percent of BC Liberal voters) said they were now even more opposed to the HST.

On the critical issue of whether or not British Columbians would support modest tax increases in order to pay for needed government services -- the poll found a large majority (78 percent) would support an increase.

... This finding crossed all political lines, with 74 percent of Liberals also coming out in support of the proposition that taxes should be increased to support public services.

CBC British Columbia ran a brief report Saturday afternoon, saying thousands of people had turned out for at least 15 anti-HST rallies, including one at the convention centre where both NDP leader Carole James and former Socred premier Bill Vander Zalm spoke against the tax.

The Vancouver Sun by late Saturday afternoon had nothing on the rallies. The Saturday Globe and Mail ran an editorial supporting the HST, but this afternoon ran a story by The Canadian Press covering the protests.


Hi Mary, I hope you are feeling much better now!Please tell me that cold is loosening its hold on you?!

I can attest to having met a few people from Point Grey on Saturday, several couples in fact, who were very open about having met the premier and voted for him based on what they believed was a platform that kept the best of BC at heart.

Unfortunately,they have been severely disillusioned in the time since the election, and no longer feel they can support someone who, in their words, has no integrity. He forgets,his constituents need healthcare as well, as well as seniors programs,charitable support etc.... some issues know no barriers of wealth or geographic location.

For anyone interested in calculating how much the HST is going to cost them, I have a worksheet PDF file up on my site.
Thanks, Laila ... I'm on the mend, but there's a little way to go yet.

Big thanks for your coverage of the anti-HST rally in Vancouver, the photos are great and the sun smiled upon you all.

Very sad, the way Vaughn Palmer shot himself in the foot by trying to make the Vancouver rally seem small, and to cast aspersions upon the speakers.

And didn't you love the older guy in Prince George who said he would never vote Liberal again, because Gordo and his crew "are nothing but legalized gangsters". On Global, too!

Link to Laila's blog is in the left margin of this page.
Finally! This is good news,
so why not recall now?!
"Very sad, the way Vaughn Palmer shot himself in the foot by trying to make the Vancouver rally seem small, and to cast aspersions upon the speakers."

Keith Bald(faced liar)ry did the same on GlowBall Snooze, saying that the Victoria demonstration at the Ledge didn't even crack the top twenty of such protests against the Campbelloids. Baldry left the casting aspersions upon speakers to Sneering Colon (on purpose) Hanson.

Unfortunately, anon at 6:05am, recall can't even be initiated until the crooks have been in power/office for 18 months, by which time these guys would have changed the law - if necessary.

I keep hearing that business (tho they don't mention that it is primarily BIG BUSINESS) will save $6.9 Billion by implementation of the HST. Does anyone born before than last night think ANY LEVEL of government is going to kiss off almost $7 Billion in revenues, especially now? You can be sure that lost revenue will be recaptured from the working people and the poor!
Anon 6:05 - we can't recall for 18 months after the election, by law. Just imagine how much more havoc he intends to commit in that time frame!

Time to up the vigilance to extreme.
So Capt.Gordon(aka Morgan) has lost his popularity amongst his Point Grey neighbours.
Surely, one must have to meet some type of means test, in order to be accepted and allowed to live in such a pristine area.
Therefor, why can't the good people of Point Grey just simply vote him off the block, as they do in those reality shows? Then be rid of the scoundrel.
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