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Founder of Harmony Airways which once was headed by former B.C. Finance Minister Gary Collins, is arrested

Vancouver businessman David Ho charged with unlawful confinement and weapons offences

By Charlie Smith
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One of Vancouver’s richest men faces several serious criminal charges.

David Ho, owner of the University Golf Club and MCL Motors, was arrested following a police investigation that began in late December. Ho burst into public prominence in 1987 when he bought Gray Beverage.

Ho, 57, is charged with the following offences:

• unlawful confinement
• unlawfully causing bodily harm
• storage of a firearm contrary to regulations
• unauthorized possession of a firearm
• possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition
• possession of a prohibited weapon without a licence
• possession of a controlled substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

According to a Vancouver Police Department statement, Ho connected with a woman on a chat line and brought her back to his house on December 28, 2008.

Ho allegedly prevented her from leaving at 4:45 the next morning. She called 9-1-1, a violent struggle allegedly occurred, and she managed to escape after suffering a fractured ankle and minor injuries.

Ho created the now-defunct Harmony Airways, which at one time was headed by former B.C. Liberal finance minister Gary Collins. Ho's father made a fortune as the head of Hong Kong Tobacco Co.

In a Maclean's magazine profile, journalist Peter C. Newman once wrote that Ho "could buy and sell the half-dozen millionaires I have portrayed during the past six months".

In 2005, Ho was involved in a controversy with then-VPD chief Jamie Graham. At the time, the department issued a news release declaring that media outlets had falsely claimed that Ho had paid for hotel rooms at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Vancouver in 2004.

Ho is a former member of the Vancouver police board. He will appear in Vancouver Provincial Court on October 26.


Billionaire Vancouver businessman David Ho faces criminal charges

VANCOUVER SUN - Sept. 28, 2009
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Ting Kwok Ho, or David Ho, is also accused of unlawfully causing bodily harm, four weapons charges and one count of possessing a controlled substance. September 28, 2009. (CTV)

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Darcy Wintonyk, - Sept. 28, 2oo9

A billionaire Vancouver businessman has been charged with the unlawful confinement of a sex trade worker he met online.

Ting Kwok Ho, or David Ho, the founder and owner of the now-defunct Harmony Airways, is also accused of unlawfully causing bodily harm, four weapons charges and one count of possessing a controlled substance.

Police say the investigation into the 57-year-old began last December, after a woman Ho allegedly met in an online chat room called police to say he was stopping her from leaving his home.

Supt. Rob Rothwell of the Vancouver Police Department's Investigative Services Section said the victim was able to use her cell phone to call 911 around 4:45 a.m.

"While she was speaking with the operator, a violent struggle allegedly ensued in which she suffered a number of minor injuries," Rothwell said.

"It is alleged a struggle then ensued and the victim sustained bruises and scrapes, all injuries of a minor nature."

The woman managed to escape the home, but suffered a fractured ankle in the process. Once outside her screams were heard by neighbours, who called police.

Rothwell says the businessman was arrested after an "extensive and complex" investigation.

He appeared in a Vancouver courtroom Monday morning and was released on a $100,000 security. His next court appearance is set for October 26. {Snip} ...

Ho reportedly decided to start his own airline in 2001 after being stranded with his 10-year-old daughter for 18 hours at the Maui airport. He launched Harmony Airways in 2002, which flew to several domestic and international destinations before it shut down in 2007.


Additional details published on Sept. 29, 2009 HERE.
"I am addicted to helping prostitutes", Sept. 30, 2009 HERE.
More news reports available by Googling "David Ho arrested".


How perfect! The people this Liberal government has chosen to get into bed with over the years. Sickening. Hong Kong Tobacco Co connection indeed. What a damned world we live in, when people can get rich dealing the legal but most deadly of drug delivery systems (cigarettes), addicting people from childhood on, ultimately killing and maiming millions, and then lord it over others and hobnob with the people who are entrusted to look after the citizen's interests but instead look only after those of themselves and their criminal friends. How can so many British Columbians be so blind? I hope the blinkers are finally coming off en masse.

The reason I started following the legislature raids situation 2 or 3 years ago was that I read the alleged transcripts of cell phone calls between Gary Collins and David Basi, in which David asked Gary (the should-be-respectable finance minister of our province at the time), "Do you want us to rip her a new asshole?" in relation to an anti-BC Rail sale female mayor who was to be on a radio show for which they were setting up and manipulating the call-in's on the taxpayer's dime. Gary's answer? (I'm too lazy to look up the exact quote but something very close to)...absolutely, but remember, this is between us. Not, as I would have expected of a man of that position, "What are you talking about? I've never heard such vile language uttered, especially towards a woman." I thought at the time that only organized criminals, not the person entrusted with our province's finances, would use or accept that kind of language, or have such a violent and corrupt attitude, and I was launched into my ongoing addiction to all information related to this sordid bc rail/legislature raids/basi/virk affair. May truth and beauty ultimately prevail.
Anon at 11:00 really hits it with

"The people this Liberal government has chosen to get into bed with over the years. Sickening.

This is right up there with picking the Son of Accenture to do BC Hydro's books and billing - The State of California, even with Arnie at the helm has blacklisted this company/criminal organization from doing business with the state, because of its involvement in the energy scams that cost California billions during the Enron crime spree.

In spite of the multitude of serious and disgusting crimes Mr. Ho is charged with, I'm sure he will be okay - the so-called justice system in BC is set up to serve people in his group. In spite of the way Glowball acted stunned by how enormous was the bail posted by Mr. Ho yesterday - for a man in his position (charges, wealth, ability to flee) $100,000 with NO SURETY BOND, is equivalent to parking meter change for him. If he doesn't indeed have dual citizenship in Taiwan or China, he definitely has the means to re-locate in an extradition free jurisdiction.

Facing charges in BC Supreme Court, which is so obviously manipulated by his buddies the Campbell Government and Gord's bud Ottawa Steve, Mr. Ho probably won't even have to suffer one week of house arrest (like he tried to impose on his victim) in the highly unlikely event of a conviction and won't have to use his wealth to flee.

After seeing the house he would be confined (in event of house arrest) to on Glowball, I would consider being sent there as a sentence more like winning a luxury holiday at no cost (though I understand you have to pay for the bracelet/monitoring).
I wouldn't hold by breath waiting to see "law" or "justice" applied in this case. There is no justice in BC...and law is something the poor have to deal with.
"Addicted to helping prostitutes"...or addicted to helping himself to prostitutes, whether they like it or not?

Rather like the current government helping British Columbia - they talk nice, but what they do afterward is another story. Addiction is a nasty thing, whether it's to prostitution, or to power and money regardless of the source ... .

*shaking head*....addiction my ass.
As gordo's buddy, this clown will walk. Not really fair isn't it? The cops (Kash H)are too busy for something as trivial as Ho's and the raid on the ledge trials to worry about.
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Thanks for the info.

Strange, how it makes Harmony Airways sound almost alive ... when it folded its wings in 2007.

Strange, too, its flight routes.

Interesting. Thanks again.
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