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Your weekend Campbell quizz

Who was that dark-haired lady? Why is she angry with Gordo?

There was an editorial cartoon -- only in The Province -- Sept. 24, 2009 showing two people:

- Gordo is saying "What went wrong?" as he watches a trim young dark-haired lady stomp off in a huff

- she's wearing high heeled shoes, her identifying cartoon-sash reveals that she is "BC"

- Trim young lady is saying "Your lips moved."

- Gordo is left standing helplessly, flowers in his hair, more flowers and a Valentine heart at his feet.

Maybe I just can't handle the suggestion that British Columbia is still an unscarred, nubile young female after Gordo has had his way with her. [Gag me with a spoon! Shoot me now!]

Others have seen that editorial cartoon. Please tell me, what exactly is it saying?

OCTOBER 1, 2009

Please use the hyperlink in the top line to see the cartoon.

I could easily make a guess if the editorial cartoon showed angry senior citizens, northerners, fishermen, loggers ... or students, or young families ... like, citizens. Angry, seriously worried citizens stomping off, abandoning Gordo and his lies.

But a single, nubile, dark-haired young lady stomping away from a romantic situation with Gordo still wearing a flower in his hair? She is battered, bruised, devastated British Columbia? Gordo & BC were just sweet young lovers?

Puh-leeze, this has to have some other meaning; and maybe I'm not seeing it because I just can't handle it. What's your opinion? If you'd prefer to keep your reply private, just write NOT FOR PUBLICATION across the top of your comment. - BC Mary.

This cartoon-puzzle hasn't been solved yet. My best source tells me that he has heard nothing about Gordo falling off the wagon (if the "Tipsy white-haired man in glasses" in the Anonymous story was supposed to be Gordo, that is). And it did seem an exceptionally stupid blunder even for Gordo. If it was a little trap, performed on cue as mischief, I find it cruel and bizarre in the extreme -- even to the hapless Gordo -- and would suggest that the perpetrators examine their job descriptions a little more closely.

But the rest of the story, from several sources, is that Gordo on his own merits(?) is toast, old news, done, toes-up, practically on his way to Maui.

So shouldn't that cartoon be showing Beautiful B.C. as the one left standing in the wreckage as ex-King Gordo goes stomping off-stage? I still don't get that cartoon.

- BC Mary.



Bizarre cartoon. Makes no sense to me. "Your lips moved."????? What does that mean? Considering the circumstances we're facing in BC the cartoon (whatever it means) is a huge understatement - of both the devastation and of the lack of awareness of the perpetrator.
This hint might help.

How do you know when a politician is lying?

His lips are moving.
But Leah,

if that's the clue, we knew that Gordo is a liar from over 8 years ago ...

I'm still with Anon 9:14 on this one. The cartoon makes no sense to me, unless it has a whole other meaning.
This reminds me when former US A/G.,John Ashcroft left office, his going away gift was a statue of the backside of a naked white woman with long dark hair...
This may be reading way-yyy too much into a political cartoon and it's hard not to agree with Mary that Campbell's penchant for untruth and disinformation is far from a 'new' phenomenon.

Maybe the cartoon only 'works' on that level. If so then I think Leah's explanation is probably spot on.

On that level it does not deal with the fact that the lies have been piling up for 8 years. So why is the scorned lady finally giving Campbell the 'kiss off' now?

What's so different about the situation today?

I think the key, if there IS a deeper meaning to this, arises out of the choice of an attractive young woman as the avatar for BC.

Young people, attractive people, 'with it' young urban professionals living the good life in the lower mainland have been oblivious to the 8 years of neglect and disrespect the rest of BC has been getting from the Gord show.

Now, at long last, with their condos tumbling in value and the bills for their little 'bonfire of the vanities' coming due - even the beautiful people are deserting the ship.

The CEO has been governing for 'them' since day one - today, as those uncounted crowds at the HST rallies show - even the 'beautiful people' are flouncing off in a huff.

What went wrong indeed?
I sense your frustration Mary, I want to throw up everytime I see or hear Campbell.

I think Leah is correct,if campbell said to the young lass "I love you" Campbell being a lying politician and the old line of how do you know a politician is lying.....

On another note, maybe, just maybe some media might be subtly trying to expose the fact that Gordon Campbell`s marriage is a fraud,one of political convenience, we all know what has and is going on with the premier and Laura Dauphne.

Remember the movie the devil`s advocate with Keanu Reeves .....I have wondered for years why people can`t see Campbell for what he is, a devil,a liar,an evil psychotic monster.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open
Thanks, PRPersuader,

and yes, Leah is correct except that I ask myself: Why now? What's so different about right now?

And you're correct, too, in my view, when you mention Lara Dauphinee ... the sketch even looks like Lara ... but again I have to ask: why now? what's so different about right now?

No, say it isn't so ... the cartoonist can't be thinking that Lara is a perfect analogy for British Columbia ... ?!!!

G West may have the answer: the trim dark-haired lady could definitely be said to represent that portion of BC which thought it had entered heaven-on-earth when Vancouver was announced as host for the 2010 Olympic Games. I wondered, at the time, what on earth they were cheering about.

But wait: are they really deserting Gordo now? Is Lara deserting Gordo now? I would've thought that maybe next spring would be the time for that.

Something about that dang cartoon still rankles.
maybe the trim,dark haired lady is the secert witness?
Is Lara disenchanted with Gordo already? Does the "dark haired lady" have an enlarged forehead?

I haven't seen the cartoon, but when I think of Gordo and a dark haired lady, well? I mean there is a dark haired lady who seems to cost us in the vicinity of 1/2 million$ per annum - yet for all intents and purposes doesn't even exist!
campbell is defiling B.C.?
'm not sure Lara would wear a one-piece miniskirt.....on second look this morning (I first looked at the cartoon late last night) the person who comes to mind is Carole Taylor....

But here's a thought. What if there is trouble in the Premier's second household and he and Lara break up? What if she writes a tell-all book?

I think it's a stupid cartoon, not well-conceived, and with many ambiguities or rather a missed punchline. This cartoonist is clearly not Len Norris nor Les Peterson nor anywhere near close. As for "your lips moved" in the context shown it's almost "you used your tongue".

And the box of chocolates and the flowers aren't what he's been giving to the people of BC; it's what he's been giving to CN, Accenture, Maximus, EDS etc.
I don't know how you did it Skookum, or maybe its Kootcoot, but when I go looking for "Gordon Campbell" in the "Image" category of Google every page that comes up, "every" being defined as 1,2,3,4 BUT not 5,6,7,8 etc, the mug shots of Gordo shows up in the first three places of each page.

You'd think that the first page would be enough to remind the good voters in BC that their Premier is a convicted ...........

I think you've got it ... !!

There was an old "Peanuts" comic strip episode in which Lucy is hard at work as a psychiatrist. She has been listening to her make-believe (haha) patient's story and she renders her diagnosis.

"Have you ruled out stupidity?" she says.

So ... maybe the Gordo & Lara cartoon misses the mark on so many levels ... it's like the cartoonist doesn't know much about B.C. news. In other words: stupidity.

So even if the cartoonist is a grown-up professional being paid for doing this work ... maybe we shouldn't rule out stupidity in this case, either.
By the way who was the 'tipsy' white haired man with glasses surrounded by two security guys making a fool of himself in that posh dining room across from the Leg. in Victoria a few days past? Just asking? Anyone in attendance care to comment?

Good grief, Anon 8:00 ...

at the Grand Pacific??
like I said, this country needs better papparazzi.....
I dunno, Anon 8:00 ...

We need some background confirmation which, as yet, isn't happening.

There's a whole gaming genre called White Haired Man in which they explore

The remote swamp village of Kith'takharos provides the known world with valuable plants that are processed into drugs both beneficial and malevolent. Envious of this monopoly, the powerful Transit Guild schemes to wrest control of the swamp plant trade from the leaders of Kith'takharos.

Oblivious to these machinations, the ruins of the lost reptilian race of Harlass Orn lay hidden beneath the murky waters and dense foliage.

... which has some intriguing aspects, but nothing about a "Tipsy white-haired man" ...

so far, only a pregnant silence from those in a position to know. [Speculation: if it's not true, surely they'd say "It's not true." If it's true, they wouldn't say "Yes, it's true but you didn't hear it from me" ... no, I think they'd remain silent, wouldn't they?]

Therefore, all I'm prepared to note is that the date of the "What went wrong?" cartoon is significantly the same date as the alleged incident in the posh dining room: Sept. 24, 2009.

And while I allege nothing at all, I do say that if the incident did occur as told, it would explain why a trim dark-haired lady who looks a lot like Lara Dauphinee would go stomping angrily away from a guy who looks a lot like Gordo. A stone-sober Gordo, I might add.

So we need more than this before the anecdote becomes credible. Because the consequences, if credible, are enormous for this province.
Something else to consider about this apocryphal white-haired man.....that he was drinking alone (other than the two security watching over him and no doubt preventing him from getting behind the wheel).

Drinking alone, in a fancy hotel bar. Kinda sad. Not drinking in his apartment (maybe his roommate doesn't like him drinking?), no buddies to drink with him (maybe he has none left), and his best friends can't talk to him "because the matter is before the courts".

No man is an island, as they say. But you'd think somebody in such a precarious position would find a more private beach to cry on....seems to me drinking in public like this was a cry for help....
Dear Everybody:

It is now September 30 and there has been no further comment by the Sept.26 Anon who spoke of the 'tipsy' white haired man with glasses surrounded by two security guys making a fool of himself in that posh dining room across from the Leg. in Victoria a few days past?

So I'm calling that comment a piece of mischief. What the heck were you thinking, anyway?
It's former beauty queen Carole Taylor - leaving office after Gordo woo-ed her to stay.......then brought in the HST that she said in no uncertain terms ' "not on my watch".

The glasses would have been too obvious.

Kreiger is a genius.
Anon 3:55,

That's way too big of a stretch ...

Carole Taylor resigned on Dec. 18, 2008 after being Minister f Finance from June 2005 ...

so Gordo's tricks could hardly have been unknown to her,

nor were they romanticly connected (were they??)

so it doesn't seem logical that it would've taken almost 9 months for Ms Taylor to get steamed up enough to go stomping off angrily ...

Are you Mr Mischief?

There are many strong determined women who are fully prepared to call this lot as they see them - the 'BC' on her sash may just have been you, Ms. Mary !

Whatever happens, smart girls know you have to wear shoes you can wear over all terrain - not just "running" shoes.

And no amount of candy and carnations will blind us from the tasks before us.

I hope......
Hey, 5:41,

That would be funny, eh?

But make no mistake, BC Mary would've been stomping off, changing into running shoes, and heading for the hills far far away from Gordo ...

like, about 12 or 13 years before this cartoon was drawn.
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