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Gary Bass to Robin Mathews, Part 2

After many weeks, months, years of attending pre-trial hearings for Case #23299 - Basi, Virk, Basi - Professor Robin Mathews turned to the head man for Royal Canadian Mounted Police matters in British Columbia. That letter was posted on this web-site on October 5, 2009 under the heading
" ... the said open public auction of BC Rail was, in fact, an allegedly intended, calculated, and practiced fraud ..."

Robin Mathews shares the reply with us:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Gary BASS"
To: "Robin Mathews"
Cc:, "Helen DARBYSHIRE" , "Jodie BOUDREAU" , "Kevin Begg" , "Les Rose"
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009
Subject: Re: Fwd: bbv

Good day Mr. Matthews.

I responded to your letter earlier this week. Hopefully you will receive it within a few days.

I have to say that your classification of the Government of BC in this latest e-mail, as a "Criminal Gang" is disturbing to me as the head of the Provincial Force and does a serious disservice to the many men and women who have devoted their lives to public service.

Should you come into information capable of being viewed as credible evidence of criminal wrongdoing by anyone in the Government, I would give it the attention it deserved.


Gary Bass
Commanding Officer
"E" Division RCMP

Robin Mathews replies to Gary Bass:

Dear Deputy Commissioner Bass:

Thank you for your kind reply by email. I haven't yet received your written reply. I will look for it with pleasure.

I did not classify the government as a "Criminal Gang" if you observed the question mark. The men and women who have devoted themselves to public service deserve the respect and admiration of us all. Among them are those in the RCMP for whom we all feel warm affection. But you may remember that among those same RCMP officers were those who appeared before the parliamentary committee to affirm the belief that Guiliano Zaccardelli was deserving of disgrace (and removal), their top officer.

Let us not confuse the men and women who have devoted themselves to public service with other kinds of men and women. By the same token, you may be asking for "credible evidence of wrongdoing" in such a way as permits you to avoid the major points I have made to you - and to others - about the behaviour of some in the Gordon Campbell government. You, of course, have not only the right to do that, but also the power.

That does not mean that I am wrong to ask you to investigate. Nor does it mean that you will not be brought to that undertaking in the future.

I appreciate the courtesy of your reply.

respectfully, Robin Mathews


Back to the court proceedings. First list this morning missed th BB&V bunch but it was changed to incude them slightly before noon.
You missed the runway, Captain.

We have a designated runway for "Today's court listings ..."

Circle again, Sir, i.e., scroll down a bit (because time marches on) and use the runway marked "No listings for today ..." when the approach is clear, which is now.

And thanks.
Gosh , it's been quite awhile since anyone called me captain.Now it's usualy "Hey you" It seems that the listings change more than once a day lately. Hopefully somebody was in the room and can explain what if anyhting happened.'t+like+cn+anymore
What is happning here is organised crime in action, right before our eyes. Thats how they operate, they just take! The clerks are probably being forced to leave the BVB listing Off!
No letter yet? That's odd, especially if it was written a few days before the email.
Careful Robin, you may just get a visit from the RCMP.
...maybe the Post Office is in on the operation.....

the laundry list of wrongdoing that Bass needs to read is pretty lengthy. Nettleton's imputations of collusion and conspiracy, Corky Evans' implications of murky financial hornswoggling on the Olympic Village financing, and the infleunce-engineering that saw senior bureaucrats and party appartchiks on the boards of IPPs that came into existence thanks to policies they evolved, plus all those no-tender arrangements with Accenture, Maximus etc.....

"oh there's nothing wrong with that...." might be the gist of Bass' reply, with all the sincerity of a "Who, me??", finger-poked-in-cheek, other-finger-tousling-a-curl. "Business as usual" the MSM will scream if such charges are laid.

Also, ordering deletion of evidence is a BIG crime, even though the evidence survived thanks to the digital ignorance of those determined to delete.

And somewhere along the line (so to speak) there would seem to be a number of illegal clauses and such in the corpus of BC Rail/CN Rail contracts, and in the wilfull running of BCR into the ground....also the twisting of information to the public that was different from what the bidders, excuse me I mean the bidder (singular), were getting to hear....that goes for Charles River Associates and the branchplant "World Markets" consultancy in NY by a national bank.

Collusion, conspiracy, desteruction of evidence, financial fudging, insider information/cabinet leaks, and more.....Mr. Bass I know you're reading this, how can you be so disingenuous??

I encourage you to search "Paul Nettleton" on Mary's blog here and read up his analysis of collusion. Also Corky Evans' imputations of wrongdoing and immoralities re the Olympics Village funding.

And re the IPPs, how is it that government bureaucrats can create a policy which effectively privatizes a public resource and place themselves at the top of the new food-chain? Surely THAT is illegal in some way......conflict of interest in a big way.

But maybe political immorality in Canada just isn't covered by the Criminal Code. And the Code was deliberately written that way exactly for situations like this huh?
A sincere tip o'the tuque to you again today, Skookum1.

Thanks for the benefit of this analysis ... I'll make sure Robin sees it, too.
Hi Mary,

First I would like to thank Robin for his excellent reporting and for his way of writing that makes it easier for ordinary people to follow this disturbing case.

Please continue to be in court if you can, the blind public need you there even if they don’t know it yet.

Mr. Bass would be willing to spark an investigation if he were given evidence of wrongdoing by the Campbell government.

Well, isn’t that nice and tidy, the evidence is sitting with Campbell, the judge and the RCMP (except the destroyed evidence of course).

Mr. Bass is not fooling anyone… he?

Skookum 1 said

“Also, ordering deletion of evidence is a BIG crime, even though the evidence survived thanks to the digital ignorance of those determined to delete.”

All the e-mail evidence has not been recovered there is still lots e-mails that have disappeared.

I believe that the e-mails from 03-04 are still missing.

I forgot one of the biggies, the Liberal Party's very own "Mr. Big" [sic], Patrick Kinsella, who should be investigated for illegal lobbying, working both sides of a bidding process, and taking part in what "appears to have been" a rigged sale/auction. And isn't the arranging of false news items and fake letters to the editor something very much like fraud?? And was it him taht asked one of the information moles to "rip [a northern mayor] a new asshole"?

Campbell is implicated in arranging/promoting the same corrupted bidding process, no? And given what we know about government/corporate/lobbying practice re OmniTRAX, shouldn't there be an investigation of senior CN officials?

Maybe Commissioner Bass should read ALL of Mary's blog for all the information he needs. Or even better, the upcoming testimony from Dave Basi and Bob Virk about what they knew their paymasters were up to.....too bad they can't get immunity like Kieran and Bornmann huh? At this point I'd think they're gonna be pretty feckless once they hit the stand......

The question is - how MANY investigations and individuals are we talking about?

Answer: lots and lots.

The discouraging part of this, from the IPPs to the MSM drones and all the rest, is the number of British Columbians eagerly taking part in a corrupted political process; not just feeding at the trough, but defending the slop....a culture of iniquity........
Thanks again, Skookum1.

I can answer only one of your questions: the conversation about "ripping a new body part" for a mayor was caught on a wire-tap conversation; Dave Basi was discussing his media monitoring with his boss, and asked his boss if it was OK for him to do the ripping ... and The Honourable Gary Collins, Minister of Finance, said it was.

The aforementioned Mayor was not a doggone bit pleased about this, when somebody asked her.

It's posted verbatim on this web-site, if you use the Search Box.
And Collins still hasn't been charged with anything has he? Who knows, maybe he's the "secret witness" (whoever it is, it's somebody else bartering for immunity, no doubt....)
and just noting I did that search, it was North Van Mayor Barb Sharp that Dave Basi was preparing to do a political Ted Bundy on.....knew it had "north" in it somewhere.....
Zacarrdelli,(CSIS's Jim Judd w/more to follow?), have been found "deserving of disgrace and removal"!!!
Problem: 1.) the wrongdoers are police and politians/ministrial aids.Former RCMP comp.comm. Shirley Heafley said in '06,"nobody wants to go up against the police, because the police can get the goods on them"!
Former Vanc.Police Chief, Jamie Graham was quoted after a news report,(para phrased),"internal intimidation, by civilian staff,worrisome".
This is longover due for the dept.of JUSTICE and DND!
Problem 2.)The leaders of this rogue network are Americans. In Canada, to stift out terrorism.?.
Problem 3.)Terrorism is a cover/excuse to use and misuse the national security laws in both countries. Which(not witch)is a 'get out of jail free card',for committing crime. MULTIPLE CRIMES! 'They',make more money/POC/revenue, buy filming their crimes.IE:Witch.Dress up for barbaric 'fun',sell their video recordings to a film production co. in Canada, (where it is lawful to film someone urinating in 'someones' mouth,thanks to Liberal legislation)and where they have shares in such a company.
Big money from people who get off on such crimes.Violence/'fun', on tape is big businss = big money = big bribes at the highest of ranks!
Identity theift + falsified police records = Ad scam!
Which is still unresolved.
If the Canadian govn't. wont help, it is up to the international police/community.???
Problem 4.)the media gets the brunt of this if they report on it,the truth.Enter in, again, the missue of authority.
Legislate life time gag orders. BUT,when the truth, gets mocked t seems to be okay.Big business in laughing out loud to someones misfoutune. See a rise in shares, with companies in the comedy industry. You may have heard more then one person say, I Heard Jack Layton,"the truth can come out in comedy"...But,those who don't know the truth, will laugh? Those who know the truth will laugh because,they're making big money inciting their dumb mentalty.IE:Paid to incite anxiety and watch targets(the victims of ID thieft) stress out.
I can't fathum why the 'New Government of Canada', hasn't kicked Harper out. Forcing people and good people at that, to remain silent towards on going atrocities, can only mean one thing...
This I speak of is, American style politics. You did hear there was a new sherriff in town.
Too bad American justice doesn't prevail here.
Organised crimesters place their people at every level, in every organisation,the home(they will court to marry in),police,govn't,health/medical,
entertainent,media.You named it,everywhichway!
Unfortunately, there are more bad guys in the world then good guys.
DILEMMA ... I need help on this one!

With misgivings, I have okayed the foregoing comment for posting here.

Misgivings, because I can't find a single sentence with which I can agree. Frankly, I don't see what the commenter is getting at.

But is that a good enough reason to throw this person's viewpoint overboard? Will it infuriate Commissioner Bass? Or Robin Mathews? I hope not.

But I'm really not sure where free speech leaves off, sometimes, and raging rhetoric takes over.

Your comments on this, would be appreciated. Thanks.
Banana Columbia ? ala author John Perkins
If it is not illegal the comment should be posted. In order to maintain the integrity of your blog.
Agree with 10:11.
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