Wednesday, October 21, 2009


No Supreme Court listing today for Basi Virk or Basi ... but we're pretty sure it's happening. So what's going on?

Is this simply incompetence? Did somebody forget? And is simple incompetence acceptable as an ongoing feature of BC's high court system?

It is intolerable to imagine that the public is being deliberately misled into thinking that the BC Rail Case has gone away. Or that citizens aren't expected to attend another Basi Virk Basi hearing.

So ... what's going on?

Because there's the uncomfortable perception that this level of chaos is a reflection of
whatever else is supposed to be happening in BC Supreme Court.

Noted, in passing, on a different trial altogether (nothing to do with BC Rail): there's an attractive item being dealt with today, namely: "Order compelling Crown disclosure OR alternatively Order compelling disclosure of 3rd party records". BC Rail trial needs to have some "Orders compelling Crown disclosure" too, doesn't it? It sure as heck appears in need of something.


Oh look ... a Citizen Sleuth has found the listing!! At 12:00 noon, EM found it, isn't that handy, when the Basi Virk pre-trial hearing began at 10:00 AM? Thank you, EM, for the welcome news:

listed today 21st @10 am (checked @ 12

note Rm Reg and also Rm 43, what does reg mean?
bottom of pg 1 and on pg 2-3



Thanks again, EM. Jeez, things don't have to be this hard to find, do they? When BC Supreme Court performs their duty toward informing the public this way, it feels so ... je ne sais quoi ... 'ow you say: disrespectful? - BC Mary.


I don't believe it's incompetence at all, unless there's a new category called "incompetence by design."

What they haven't thought of is this just might backfire on them. Instead of everyone just walking away with their chins and spirits might make someone/s angry enough to show up every day the supreme court sits until this thing is over.

Is there a way to create a small group of citizens devoted to overseeing the developments of this case by taking turns to be in court everyday, reporting the results to this blog, as well as any other willing to carry the story? Robin could no doubt use another set of eyes and ears in the court.

It really is well past time for our pols and judges to understand we're sick and tired of their crap - and now we're going to call them on it - every time. Vocally, and publicly with every means possible. It's time for the whole world to know exactly what "they" are doing...especially to those who can afford it least.
listed today 21st @10 am (checked @ 12

note Rm Reg and also Rm 43, what does reg mean?
bottom of pg 1 and on pg 2-3

Just checked the court listing that was changed around 2PM and it shows the BB&C group at 10:AM
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