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Not today? Yah, well ... there probably IS a Basi-Virk, BC Rail hearing in BCSC today, and they'll tell us when it's too late to attend

For the 4th time this week, the operational management at BC Supreme Court in Vancouver has seen fit to leave an important courtroom drama off the day's official courtroom listings.

Important? Let's say unprecedented, historic, and almost unbelievable trial of a sitting government whose leader is preparing to welcome the world to his hometown: Vancouver.

An accidental, honest clerical error? A coincidence? No, I think British Columbians have learned that lesson.

Nobody is looking for conspiracies here. But those are the facts: for 4 days in a row the same "error" is made -- somebody at BCSC "forgets" to post the day's schedule of courtroom hearings for File #23299 Basi, Virk, Basi -- but the hearings continue all the same ... only it's too late for most people to attend. That's no conspiracy theory. Them's the facts. And the facts lead to an empty public gallery and a loss of news coverage.

How can we possibly believe that the BC Supreme Court is fair, impartial, and concerned with the public interest? - BC Mary.

Well, well, well ... sure enough, as suspected ... the "too late to be much use to the public" the BC Rail Case showed up on Vancouver's Supreme Court criminal listing, as follows:

Case #23299 -- Udhe (Dave) Singh Basi, Bobby Singh Virk, and Aneal Singh Basi -- pre-trial hearings resume at 10:00 AM on October 22, 2009 in Courtroom 43 to talk about Bribes, Fraud, Disclosure, and Full Disclosure.


Mary-when I post publish, nothing happens, sorry If this comes through more than once.
Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: (had to remove some key strokes from Merriam LOL.

I have just gone to the Criminal Court completed list. Oct 20th it says next date 21st, on the 21st the next appearence, blank disposition- NO RESULTS ENTERED I have not seen that on any 23299 files.

note the case above next appearence-end and something is put in disposition
Whats Up?
Merriam Webster- disposition

1 : the act or the power of disposing or the state of being disposed: as a : administration, control b : final arrangement : settlement the disposition of the case c (1) : transfer to the care or possession of another (2) : the power of such transferal d : orderly arrangement

Perhaps it's time to contact the head honcho of the SCBC and ask him what the hell gives?
'BC Rail trial must be fair, not perfect...' says the new judge on the dais.

And yet, the public doesn't even have the ability to 'know' when and where hearings are going to be held?

There is something very rotten in the British Columbia justice system Mary and the public interest is NOT being served, notwithstanding what Mark Hume reports Madame Justice Anne MacKenzie might say to defence counsel....

I have tended to be critical of some of Robin's conclusions about what has been going down in this case, although I haven’t openly criticized his more sweeping generalizations about the state of the public administration of justice and the RCMP because he’s been the one in the courtroom and that entitles him to a certain respect from those of us who are never there.

But, after having read Madame Justice Anne MacKenzie’s words in Mark Hume’s Globe and Mail article (just below us here), I have begun to think that maybe Robin’s worst speculations are not unfounded.

If the resources of the system are now so stretched that the judge on the bench cannot insure that even the schedule is accurate and current then we are in a very bad place.

If the system can afford to pay the extraordinary bills of special prosecutors AND defence counsel for years; if some of the counsel in this case can (as I have heard) afford to take round the world cruises during the interminable delays occasioned by retrograde disclosure then surely some clerk in some small office somewhere in the courts’ bureaucracy can manage to keep the schedule up to date.

Maybe Robin’s speculations are not fanciful after all.
EM just called the Supreme Court Registry enquiring why file 23299 consistently has been left OFF the morning online docket, when other files have been listed, AND why the completed list does not show next appearence, she said it is because it is on going, I stated my frustration and more than once she sighed and said we are swamped,I told her that I would be quoting her, and she hung up. I didnt get her name, but if you hear some one chewing gum(disgustingly) thats her.

SWAMPED, my butt

It is not a case of mismanagement, or incompetency - I believe it's a case of the SCBC in effect telling the public, "what goes on in here is none of your business." They have no reason to close the doors to the public, this is the next best way to insure that nothing leaves the court room that could upset their political/judicial apple cart.

The only way to beat them at this game is to be in that court every day that it sits, no matter what the court lists might say.

Welcome to the "The Supernatural Banana Republic of British Columbia - indeed the Best Place in the World - if you can afford to buy your way in. If not, it appears that lying your way in works too.
I forgot to mention in above post she said "they are in court today"


Sometimes when I'm working on a posting (i.e., I've picked it off the screen you see, and taken it into the back shop), I think that's when people understandably have trouble with their own PUBLISH function.

Glad you kept trying.

I'm amazed that you provided LAUGHTER along with the invaluable information about the Supreme Court Registry. She had the nerve to hang up on you? Grrrrrrr!

And I can assure you, there have been recurring names listed on Supreme Court way more often than Basi Virk ... for things like kidnapping and extortion ... ask your "Finder" for the names "Doan, Ly, another Ly, Nguyen, Soux and Tse" which appeared, en bloc, week after week. and I've asked myself time after time: if that's how they're ALLEGED to have made their incomes ... WHO is paying for all this courtroom stuff on their behalf now? Day after day, week after week, I tell ya.

So that Supreme Court Registry person deserves a place at the head of an ars-kicking parade someday soon.

I've asked Robin to comment on your "DISPOSITION" finding ...

Many thanks for the invaluable work you do on these things, EM.
I guess the Girls doing the posting are swamped, looking at the registry We have Mr. Bacon making constitutional challenges.
example- Writ of
Seeking order
declaring that
Bacon's mail is
not being
handled in
prescribed in
Respondent to
handle Bacon's
mail in manner prescribed by
Act;Quash restricted visits;
Quash restricted telephone
access,and he wants to be moved.

The one that scares me is 23947

Set aside
P.29/2003 and
the search
executed on the
residence as
being without
probable cause
and excluding
the intercepted
and the fruits
of the search
pursuant to
ss.8 and 24(2)
of the Charter.
Abridgement of
Compell Crown
disclosure; OR
disclosure of
third pary records.
Adjournment of
trial,hmmmmm I hope We never see that unless someone is convicted!
Thaks Mary for your encouraging words.
Well...they finally found it in their overworked/underpaid selves to update the court lists at 11:15 this morning. Hurrah! That the BVB case started at 10:00 is of no them anyway.

Pfffffttt...a slap upside the head with a soggy fish to the whole lot.
Note they also updated the completed court list for the 21st, it no longer states no results entered,it now says
Next appearance
22-OCT-2009 10:00 AM 043

page was updated
Last Updated: Thu Oct 22 14:00:00 PDT 2009
guess we will have to see what tomorrow brings
Henri Paul:

Would it surprise you to know that you, too, have influence on this blog? Because you do. You have been a welcome participant in our discussions ...

and I was hoping you didn't really mean what you had said.

My job, as I see it, is to bring forth all possible information about BC Rail and the events surrounding the loss of it. We don't need to make enemies; we need to join together against one enemy -- Gordon Campbell -- who is ruining so much for us all. We're in this battle together. Right?

So there's no damn way I'll publish comments like the ones you've made, which add nothing to our discussion ... and which bruise others. Your opinion is off-base, and would've been best kept to yourself.

I gave you a 2nd chance, and HP, you blew it.

I hope you'll return as the familiar Henry Paul we know and respect.
One has to wonder just how much the Supreme Court of British Columbia respects, or even wants "full disclosure" of the crimes committed against the populace of this Province, when there appears to be such a struggle within their own entity to provide full disclosure on the times of the Basi/Virk/Basi pre-trial hearings. How could something be so messed up for 5 days in a row? It can't - not by accident. This ought to show any thinking British Columbian just how little our top courts think of our rights, and how privileged they believe themselves to be. "Woe to the Lawyers... ."

The games they're playing in that building don't impress me - and they sure as hell don't make me want to trust that they have our best interests at heart. I truly have lost ALL respect of, and for, the law in BC. As for Justice, that died a natural death a long time ago.

That is not to say that I have lost respect for many of our police officers, because I haven't...I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. They're held up to ridicule by the public (warranted in some cases)...and they're held with disdain by the courts. What a sad, sick, and sorry place this Province has become.
Thanks again, Leah. You said it just the way I'm thinking.

I also got to thinking about the wonderful Vancouver architect, Arthur Erickson, who designed that beautiful Law Courts building on Smithe Street. Glass everywhere.

The one thing he seemed to be saying is: Let it be open ... let the light in.

The building is still beautiful. And there's plenty of BC that's still beautiful. But we do seem to be caught up in some dark period of history ... I was just reading this morning that Gordo's Gang feels that the BC Rail Caper was so successful in pulling off a sort of ... um, er ... "transaction" ... that they're preparing the forest holdings (what's left of them) for the same kind of giveaway.

To me, that means: get the Basi Virk Trial under way ... and let some DAYLIGHT shine in upon that sad, sick, and sorry secret deal before something else goes down.

Watch TLR for Part 3 of Ewart's assessment.
Note Sat 24th completed court list for the 23rd,same as the previous days on next appearance.No Results Entered.

This time many of the files say that, next appearance is left blank,No Results Entered.

So ... am I getting this straight, EM ... this is looking more and more like a kind of cover-up?

and not attributable to clerical mistakes? Or to being [cough ... er ...] "swamped"?
Time to write our MLAs with a concerted complaint.
Now here's a twist from "Hearing Lists" for the BC Supreme Court in Victoria..... dates and time slots of availability of court rooms as of October 23rd 2009 through to February 23rd 2010.

If we could only get the say kind of information then we could take a wild guess of when the next time Virk, Basi and Basi would be appearing in Vancouver. eh
As much as we have come to rely heavily upon the internet to find out the smallest detail, including BC Supreme Court Hearing Lists, the Attorney General of British Columbia via his revamped website has declared that its up to the public to phone the the Court Registry to determine exactly when a Hearing is to take place.

Gordon Campbell talks about tightening the belt, the cupboard is bare (Million dollar purchasing of 2010 Winter Olympics exempted...unless of course you read Mike Smyth's column today in the Vancouver Province newspaper where he states that taxpayers dollars have ponied up $3 million via municipalities and Crown corporation)...... staff are being laid off, or to more accurate, the crime spree with multiple killings this year that resulted in more trials coming on line, not to be confused with online .... via the internet highway.... the gallery public is now required to pick up the phone and WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for someone to say "How may I help you?"

Just what is the problem with one Court Registry employee posting his Hearing List on the internet after 6:00am so that those who have been called by the Court to ATTEND the proceedings can actually do so without having to wait for someone to ask if the BC Rail trial is a go or not.

And then can the public believe the answer from a harassed court official that there is going to be something not happening when it turns out to be that there is something happening.

For the facts, the full FAX:

Vancouver Law Courts (Supreme Court only)

Law Courts, 800 Smithe Street

Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2E1

Tel: 604 660-2847

Fax: 604 660-2420

PS BC Mary could you add this information to your LINK section of your blog instead of relying only on the internet to make the connections as to who will be in court, or not.
Anon 8:15,

Sincere thanks for this guidance. Cripes, somebody could make a nice little income from creating a booklet titled "Your Guide to Justice in the Courts of British Columbia".

I wonder if the Attorney-General himself could prepare a booklet titled "Your Infallible Guide to Justice in the Courts of British Columbia".

I'll certainly ask my good friend Koot about how to set up -- in the LINKS column at left -- the details you provided.

Thanks again!
Mary, you seem to be suggesting the title for someone's work of fiction with "Your Guide to Justice in the Courts of British Columbia." It is difficult for me to believe that there is anything remotely resembling "Justice" in the Courts of British Columbia!

Decades ago I came to Canada, greatly as a result of my disallusionment with the so-called Federal Justice System in the US, brought on by my own dealing with the US DOJ. I actually won on all counts but it took me over a decade of my life and many of my resources during that period of time - and matters could have been resolved in a fraction of the time, if only the US Attorney hadn't continually tried to basically operate outside of the law in a misguided attempt to persecute, rather than prosecute me. Holding the DOJ and THREE successive US Attornies to account for their egregious violations of my rights was the reason it took so long to resolve the issue, but at least in the end justice did win out.

Here in British Columbia, justice seems almost impossible to imagine.

For all its imperfections the US System of "separation of powers" and competing interests did in the end lead to a fair conclusion in my own case, and since has been able to force Richard Nixon to resign, put Tom "the Hammer" Delay under indictment and "Duke" Cunningham in prison among other successes.

Yet here in British Columbia Gordon Campbell and his cohorts seem to be as Mr. Potvin of the Republic of East Vancouver suggested "Made Men." Things seem little better on the federal level here either as we have a Prime Minister who can allegedly offer bribes to dying MP's to bring down a government, convince the GG to violate centuries of parliamentary traditions and rule like a despot with a minority of the members' support and violate campaign financing regulations, parliametary franking privileges and use taxpayer monies to promote the Reformatory Party at will.

In the BC Rail pre-trial ongoing soap opera, it merely began to look threatening to the REAL criminals and bingo, the sitting judge is gone, replaced by a judge who can claim with a straight face that justice "doesn't have to be perfect" - just a good as she thinks is okay, I guess!

Government documents ARE NOT private, they belong to the people whose business government is SUPPOSED to conduct IN THE PEOPLE'S INTEREST! Why doesn't the judge just ORDER compliance with disclosure and impose consequences for failure to comply - it is impossible to imagine how that would fail to kinda speed things along!
EM (Me) posted on the completed court list that was updated on Saturday, next appearance was not listed. Today I have gone there and the update with the last court date Oct.23 NOW has next appearance Nov. 24 and Nov.26
pg 10,11,12,13-29
Aneal Basi 24-NOV-2009 10:00 AM REG
Ltd access 26-NOV-2009 10:30 AM REG

Thanks again, EM.

I kinda get the impression that they DO know, long in advance, when these hearings and trials are due in court,

and I wonder again why they can't say so in advance, so that the public can make their travel plans to be there.
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