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Crown wins ruling on Basi Virk files

Mark Hume
The Globe and Mail - Dec. 19, 2009

Vancouver - Notes RCMP investigators made while debriefing secret informants in a political corruption case can be withheld by the Crown, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has ruled.

In a brief statement Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie dismissed applications by the lawyers defending Dave Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi on charges of fraud, breach of trust and money laundering. The three former government employees allegedly traded in confidential information concerning the $1-billion sale of B.C. Rail in 2003.

The defence had sought more complete disclosure of 21 police reports that have already been released in a heavily redacted form, and to have the court review 427 source debriefing reports that the Crown has been withholding because the material could identify informants, or is irrelevant.


thank christ, now lets get on with it!!!!!!

we want a trial, we want a trial, we want ... !!!!!!!!
we want ALL the unlaid charges laid, we want ALL those implicated in the BC Rail fiasco brought to court, we want ALL the facts to be revealed. Single-minded focus on railroading BVB serves only the interests of those who haven't yet been investigated or charged.
railroading BVB? You have proof? I know thats what you want everyone to think, but I dont, nor will I be tricked into thinking that.
Cripes, 10:38 ...

I don't even know who "you" might be.

Please, folks, would you adopt a User Name?
BC MAry, are you also Skookum1? If not, then why do you seem to think BVB have been "railroaded?"

You sure want a fight, don't you.

Jab, jab, jab.

Maybe you're visiting the wrong blog.
block, counter, KO. Mary, you havent answered the question, WHY do you think BVB have been RAILROADED? What do you and Skookum know that the Crown doesnt? So far, all I have seen from the posters here, Mathews included, is a whole lot of conjecture and speculation.

I didn't say anything about Basi or Virk being railroaded.
no, but you got upset at the poster who made a remark about the comment from Skookum. Come on now. Do you not think BVB were railroaded as Skookum has said?
Didn't get "upset" either,

but I'll tell you this:

You're making no worthwhile contribution to this discussion ...
BC Mary,

You provide a kind service for the people of BC and you do it for free. Since you have no advertizing, and this blog will not enrich your coffers in any way, you are beholden to nobody. This blog, in essence, is an extention of your being, your home. You have been a most gracious host to friends and strangers alike. I believe that none of your friends nor acquaintences (let alone strangers) have the right to break the peace of your home and "make mischief" - defecate on your rug one might say.

Anon 7:37's posts have been so impolite. Will not Blogger settings let you just block posts from an uncouth guest? I would not blame you for deleting his future posts at the very least. If I want adversarial sites, there are plenty available for rude people who enjoy that sort of thing.

All the best, BC Mary.
Before: The Honourable Madam Justice MacKenzie Ruling on Timing November 25, 2009


[53] I decline to hear the abuse of process application before trial. The defence has leave to bring the application at the close of the Crown’s case."
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