Sunday, January 24, 2010


Basi-Virk pre-trial hearing is confirmed for today, Monday, January 25, 2010, start-time 10:00 AM.


The listings are published at 6:30 AM on the actual day of the hearing.

See the listings by clicking on BC Criminal Courts under LINKS in left margin, then click on Criminal ... then Adult Supreme Court ... then choose Vancouver Law Courts - Supreme Court List.

You are looking for Case #23299 and the names are Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi, Bobby Singh Virk, and Aneal Singh Basi.

The start-time is 10:00 AM. Courtroom is open to the public.


Can you stop using the Oooooops comment BC Mary when it comes to Anonymous people.

"If you want to block Anonymous comments, you select anything but "Anyone"."
Somehow, Anonymous, I find your comment to be anything but helpful.

You're telling me -- on my own blog ... which I operate at no cost to you ... what I can say or cannot say?

And "selecting anything but 'Anyone'" means absolutely zilch to me.

So just watch me: OOOPS ... ooops ... and ooooooops.

Bad, huh?
LOL They keep on trying BC Mary. pab and all their minions of king gordo are now picking on you a lot. You must have that rat (gordo) cornered. Keep up the good work.
Back to the courthouse folks
Say and write what you wish. If we don't like it well it's easy to go somewhere else.
I don't like anon either as the same anon can be on all sides of a discussion. If the site holder decides to drop anons, won't upset me one little bit
Kam Lee is right. Keep up the good work, Mary.
Hi Mary - I will be in court & filing a story on my blog


The reason why I don't drop ALL anons is because it seems as if people actually do forget to choose a User Name ...

and yet it's the 2nd choice in the list of options provided with each comment. Easy to do.

So if I put a block on ALL anons ... well, a lot of old friends would be rejected,

and I wouldn't like that.

Yes, Kam Lee, PAB has been super-busy. Do you suppose they've added staff?
"Yes, Kam Lee, PAB has been super-busy. Do you suppose they've added staff?"

The Public Affairs Bureau (or Pravda BC) is the only thing more important to the Campbell Crime Family than the Eat Cake Games. I guess this is why they need to issue layoff notice to 800 Vancouver teachers, close a third of the schools in Prince George, cancel surgeries during the Owelympics and other irrelevant and un-necessary foolishness!
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