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The question you never heard asked, when Gordo met the press after being jailed in Maui for drunk driving

On January 12, 2003, a press conference was held in the Vancouver Cabinet Office complex at Canada Place in Vancouver.

Almost everyone was there since the premier had just come back from Maui after the bust, his arrest, and a night lying drunk on the floor of a Maui jail, and the story was lede everywhere. It was BC's "stand by your man" adventure for Nancy Campbell, too.

But for most of us, that press conference was expected to provide British Columbia journalists with enough facts to report on how the Premier would explain his fall from grace.

While in Opposition, Campbell had been a relentless Calvinist, ruthless in his hellfire condemnation of those failing his moral standards, so some of us expected Gordo to resign, the way he insisted so forcefully that others resign -- such as Glen Clark, Gordon Wilson, Mike Harcourt.

All of us, I venture to say, expected that the guy identified as "Premier 03-02659" by Maui police would provide answers to real questions, and would be thoroughly  grilled by impatient journalists.

I'll let you be the judge of that. 

The first question came at 11:30 a.m., but very few people outside that room have ever heard it until now:

From a respected senior journalist: Mr Premier, was Lara with you in the car at the time of the arrest?

The answer was silence.

Mrs Nancy Campbell, an understandably angry woman that day (although we didn't know the whole story then) turned a very dirty look toward the reporter who had asked that question. And this is where to  pay special attention:

Other reporters -- and let us be clear: the  CanWest reporters -- jump in with deflection questions.

Serious attention is called for here:  Noon news: the video clip is shown with question and reaction.

6:00 PM all networks, all references to question and reactions deleted.

In fact, my reliable source tells me that one well-known radio personality promises to f*** over anyone who dares to report on it.

CBC is threatened with legal action.

This should answer any lingering questions about why CanWest newspapers pick and choose which news will be considered "news".

And so Gordo, the guy in charge of protecting British Columbians from drunk drivers, had been thrown into a drunk tank with 6 other drunks; he spent the night of Jan. 10, 2003 there after blowing 0.161% blood alcohol level in the field test, and 0.149% when tested later at Wailuku Police Station. That's almost twice the official legal limit of .08%.

The BC premier was undeniably guilty of putting the public at risk on that Hawaiian highway at 1:00 a.m. on Jan. 9, 2003. But after grinning "mockingly into the lens of a Maui police camera", Gordo came home and begged for forgiveness, like a teen-ager who has made a slight error.

But it was no slight error. 

After this middle-aged man had paid the (US)$275 Bail, he had also paid $500. for the petty misdemeanour of driving under the influence of alcohol, paid $50. for failure to drive on the right side of the road, $50. fine for disregarding lane markings, and $125 fine for speeding (70 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone) for a total of (US)$1,000.  He did not contest the charges.  Then, a few days later, he came home to the unhealthy Golden Era climate he himself had created in B.C. to be forgiven, protected and allowed to continue on his way.

No teen-ager, he was 55 years of age. Watch him here, in full flight, talking  about his duty to protect the public interest.

So after the Maui arrest, certain journalists staked out Vancouver International Airport to watch for Lara to return. But Lara came back by an indirect route some days later, from Hawaii to Phoenix, then a car trip across the Canada-US border at Blaine, Wash.

Rewards are distributed. Not long afterward, the Campbell home in Pt Grey went up for sale.

It's fair to ask, even at this late date: Mr Premier, was Lara with you in the SUV at the time of your arrest?  In fact, was  Lara Dauphinee driving the SUV that night ... and is it true that there was a scramble to switch drivers just before Hawaiian police stopped the vehicle, and then the premier of British Columbia fell out on the ground?

By any chance, is it possible that Lara, the premier's Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant, was also arrested that night for failing the breathalizer test?

Her employers would like to know.

This is Part 1 of 4 parts.


Between BILL BAD & DENNIS SKULSKI this province has lost all compass to the word truth.
Truth in BC is what Howe Street Gang and the Fraser Institute ghost write it to be.
Then at 6pm Pamela Botox and the Vaughn & Keith senators in waiting club spread the night-soil across the Greatest Place on Earth.
Have you thought about tipping off the British tabloids before the Olympics? Seems this might be up their alley.
Oops ... forgot to tell you that you must adopt a USER NAME on this web-site now. No more Anonymice ...

but I like your suggestion ... will you do the tipping off, please? It would save me some time, if you can. Others, too.

Oh Lara was there,but what I would like to know is....How much was fred and Kathy L paid for their silence?

And,how much Cocaine was snorted and smoked that night?

Geez Mary, I`m gonna have to buy more Twizzlers and Ju Jubes!
If anybody has that footage, there might be something TMZ could do with it....if anybody in the US cared about Canadian political figures, that is.....

What would be better, perhaps, is for someone to sleuth the Maui police files to see who else was breathalyzed because of that incident....once again, American FOI requests are likely to get us a lot farther than anything possible in this sham of a country.....
...the image of Lara and Gordo drunkenly crawling over each other as they switched seats, under cover of the Maui rain, is kinda icky isn't it?

Someone should track down the arresting officer from that's not ever day you get to bust a head of government, I'm sure whoever it was remembers all the details...maybe there's a Hawaiian reporter willing to do the digging.....

If Jack Webster were still alive, this never would have been so easily buried.....

There are thousands of media in Vancouver looking for NON-SPORT stories...

We need to help them find our local bloggosphere...I`m on it!

Too right, Grant ... the International press corps will be looking for local "colour" ... and wowee, do we have colour!

All the news that's been held back ...

should be a gold-mine for journos who know how to drill for gold.

Good on you, Grant!!
I can't understand why you've allowed this affair to be a topic of concern.What he has done with his dick doesn't interest me.It's how he is destroying democracy and the forests and the fishery and healthcare that concerns me.If you dwell on those things like who is screwing who, nobody wins but the bad guys.It's time for total social choas and violent revolution because they are killing us, i

Generally, I would say that I agree with you on that - many distinguished men and women have dalliances all the time, and I could really care less. Fodder for tabloids.

This situation, however, is quite differant. Ms. Dauphinee is in a position of power and influence in the premiers office, and as such, is on the public payroll. She makes an exhorbitant amount of money, and travels frequently with the premier on " business". In fact, I do believe Mary has the information here that she has one of the highest travel expense accounts, if not the highest.

There have been several instances in which her presence professionally on some trips seemed to be redundant.And then of course,these longstanding allegations surrounding the particulars of the Maui impaired charges.

Whether this incident happened on vacation or not, the public does have a right to know if another public servant was present or not, just as the public has a right to know the truth surrounding the nature of her alleged relationship with the premier. If she were some coffee shop flunkie from Commercial drive,no one probably would care.

Myself,I like to know exactly what kind of services those public tax dollars are paying for.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I heard that someone did try to get the particulars of the DUI in Maui, but that the file was effectively sealed. Someone must be able to confirm that.
The file was sealed. gordo had the choice of what he blew, or what was in his blood other then booze. He took the first. The other report (blood) was sealed by order of the court. Interesting to see what else was in his blood.
Adding to Laila's comments re: relevance. Gordon Campbell, having been so publicly and manipulatively self righteous and accusatory of Glen Clark, Gordon Wilson and Judi Tyabji simply in order to steal their power, invited a public searchlight on himself for the rest of his career. Once the invasive searchlight was of no benefit to him personally, however, he made damn sure it was turned off. It is Gordon Campbell's lack of integrity that has allowed him to behave so selfishly and recklessly in both his personal/public life. It explains "how he is destroying democracy and the forests and the fishery and healthcare." Total selfishness and lack of integrity in a leader is always very consequential to citizens. Thus we need to shine the same light on the possibly sociopathic Gordon Campbell that he has schemed to shine on others. What goes around is supposed to come around, and I certainly hope it does in this situation. I don't care persay what anyone does with their dick. It's what they do with their mind, heart, and soul that matters. Gordon Campbell, if he is in a sexual relationship with Lara, has chosen to have taxpayers, at huge expense, keep her at his side at all times. That is shameless and severely lacking in integrity on many levels, and if it is true, his dick is shining the light all by itself.
If what is posted is true, then Vancouver's mainstream media should hang there collective heads in shame.

The 'Eye' has also heard an account of the nights action and the question must be asked: "Where were they going."

This is an important question, for good old Calvinist Gordo, is not as Calvinist as we think and a group of people of course is more fun than one.

There are so many dirty little skeletons in Gordo's closet and one should really interview the nannies that once worked for Gordo and his wife, to get a clearer picture of life that vile facade of a 'lil ol' happy home in West point Grey!
Concerned Citizen:

You state the case so eloquently and helpfully ... I am tempted to make it part of the series,

would that be OK by you?

Sincere thanks for this assistance with a difficult topic which has factors unpleasant to discuss (and are not even mentioned) alongside factors which are essential to discuss.

Thanks for helping.
Thanks Mary. Of course it would be OK.
I'm pretty sure the arresting officer is:
Kaneshiro, Jonathan Sunao
Wailuku Police Station
55 Mahalani St.
Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793
To Wowie Maui,

Thanks for a solid tip.

There's only so much I can do and I have to accept that.

But I hope that some recently unemployed journalists (and you know who you are) will redeem themselves by drilling down into this ...

or ... will BC media leave it up to the 3,300 International reporters who will be in Vancouver during The Other Games, looking for some local "colour" for their newspapers back home?
Wow... that is quite the link.

I understand from clicking on all of it, that not only was Gordon Campbell legally intoxicated,he was driving down the wrong side of the road,ignoring traffic signage and speeding....again, all while intoxicated.

My,my....he is very lucky no one was killed.

I don't think one needs to be a journalist to get more information Mary, perhaps just a crafty investigator.

Did I mention I used to work on Supreme court investigations Mary?


Having used the term and enjoyed being a Citizen Journalist, I know you're correct when you say that we don't need to be a journalist in order to get more information ...

and I would add that there's no need for us to "redeem" (key word here) ourselves, either, by drilling down into this story ...

but ...

for unemployed journalists (quite a few, and in BC, they are mostly CanWest) there's a particular need to redeem themselves, in my view.

Yesterday I left a comment on Mike Smyth's column in which he was moaning about how tough things are for CanWest journos. I hated to say it, but I did: CanWest brought this on themselves when they decided they'd play around with the news. Like when they stopped serving the public interest and began making like stenographers taking Gordo's unfiltered, unexamined dictation.

Those are the ones who have a need to find their way back onto the straight and narrow.

I can't remember if you mentioned being a Supreme Court investigator ... in fact, I don't think I ever knew that the Supreme Court (of Canada? or BC?) had their own investigators. Now you've got me curious ... tell us more!
The real story is not that Gordo was drunk (he was drunk a lot back then) or he was with his squeeze. The real story was where he was going to and what he was going to do once he arrived.

Crack that story and you will see the 'Golden Decade' crash and burn like the World Trade Centre buildings.

Other questions come to mind:

1) What perks were offered to Ms. Campbell not to leave him?

2) What perks were offered to the mainstream media to go 'silent' on the story?

3) How does Ken Dobel fit in the picture? What has Dobel got on the Premier that makes him such a 'successful' lobbyist?

4) Why didn't Campbell and/or the BC liberal Party sue Kevin Potvin and the Republic of East Vancouver for libel, when he wrote on the very same story five years ago?

5) While we are at it, how does $20,000 a month Jane Bird (of RAVCo fame), fit into the picture?

Answer that and it will jail time for all concerned.
" worked on Supreme court investigations" =

I worked not FOR the supreme court, but for a firm that handled cases that were heard in Supreme court. I located people,assets, evidence that would stand up in court.

Ah, for a plane ticket to maui.
"I can't understand why you've allowed this affair to be a topic of concern.What he has done with his dick doesn't interest me."

Assuming you are a BC Taxpayer, do you feel it is your responsibility to PAY for his dick's recreation?

" Like when they stopped serving the public interest and began making like stenographers taking Gordo's unfiltered, unexamined dictation."

And Lara we presume takes Gordo's unfiltered (no condom?) DICKtation?
And we are so lucky to have him as our leader we joyfully pay her exhorbitant salary and expenses just to keep our own tinpot a**hole tyrant/thief happy!

Perhaps if we weren't so busy paying for cronies to run railroads with no trains, concubines for the leader and double and triple dippers like Dobell and Kinsella, we wouldn't have to close schools, hospitals and courthouses!
kootcoot, I love you!
Just a thought: if the alleged illegitimate child was born offshore (obstetrics services "outsourced") then that birth registry has to be somewhere in another country. Maybe registered under false parental names, but then the child would have no legal or paternity, or even citizenship rights. Somewhere in the EU or Asia or, perhaps, Africa or Latin America, there is a birth record of a child whose parents names are GC and LD - IF the rumour be true.....

Sounds like a job for a Fleet Street "specialist", no?
Would be more than a bit interesting to hear who this "radio" personality was who promises to f*** over anyone who dares to report on it.
Knowing who this is would shake the bushes,most times when a bush get shook things fall from it.
Was that a radio personalty of the day or from an earlier era?
Conclusion, is all the media run by the mob?

I cannot break trust with my source, so I won't name names on this ...

but what I can tell you, is

it's a radio personality who was then, in 2003 a radio personality, and today in 2010 still is a well-known radio personality.

It's somebody who has been around the block a few times and has forgotten what ethics means.

Sad, when you think that an honest media should act as a vital branch of good government.

No, obviously all the media is NOT run by the mob. Didn't you notice that a well-known senior journalist (NOT from CanWest) was the one who asked the forbidden question: "Was Lara with you that night?"
As for Campbell, Mrs Campbell, and Lara D., isn't it about time the truth came out?

I'm thinking of the last provincial election when the NDP MLA for this area, Doug Routley, had marital problems.

Not only did it hit the newspaper and internet but the BC Liberals tried to make political hay. They have no scruples.
[Sigh ...] And what did I tell you about being Anonymous????
As much as I'm disgusted by Campbell and his squeeze...I'm disgusted with his wife. She has always known about them, known about the back room dealings (how could she not?) yet she allows herself to be pulled in front of the cameras as the happy and dutiful wife. It makes me wonder what happened to her self-respect?

If she ever decided to tell what she knows - the government of BC would be evaporated overnight. No danger of that though, she's busy hiding her head in the sand. Not that I blame her, this is an ugly episode to be even remotely involved in. Poor Nancy.
Damn, I missed out on a lot when I was still working for a living. I depended on the MSM for the truth, and was obviously being shortchanged. Unfortunately so do most of the good citizens of this province.

The way I see it is that it would be just super if someone in the international media broke such a story. For one it would bring Mauigate to the attention of all BCers. It would also bring to light how poorly we have been served by the MSM for such a long time.

There is one thing that I think needs to be answered regarding Campbell's tenure as premier of this province. Where have the rest of the BC Liberals been hiding while BC has been raped and pillaged. If any of them become the next leader of this party, they should have some very tough questions to answer. After all they have aided and abetted Gordo every step of the way. So many questions, so few answers.
Though I have university chemistry courses in my backgound, I assert that a little high school level chemistry is all that is needed to improve our understanding of the Premier's Blood Alcohol Content:

Did you know that Gordon Campbell's blood alcohol rate would actually have been higher had he been in BC instead of Hawaii?

I looked up the methods used for measuring blood alcohol right after the news broke. I did the following simple math and sent my findings to all of the papers and the news stations. None of them published the new info I provided. I think I may have also commented upon it in the Tyee, but I am not sure.

In BC, blood alcohol content is measured by volume; in Hawaii, it is measured by weight.

8 grams of alcohol per 100 ml = 0.08% in Hawaii.

Ethyl alcohol has a speciffic gravity of 0.785 which means 1 ml of alcohol weighs 0.785 grams.

0.161/0.785 = 0.205

That means Campbell would have blown 0.205 at the roadside, and the 0.149 station measurement would have equaled 0.190 had it been measured by volume - the BC method!

For our way of thinking, Campbell was 2.5 times the legal limit, not twice the legal limit. At the time of the arrest, (with Campbell's body weight figured at 185 lbs.) that's probably at least 2 more martinis in his system - quite possibly 3.
dmc and Henri Paul,

I have been very careful NOT to name names ... and so, if you rush in with names of your own choosing, I will have to delete your comments.

In fairness, I ask that you take better care.

Thanks for your interesting deductions ...

I mostly agree with your observations and suggestions re: Nancy CampBull. But regarding:

"....yet she allows herself to be pulled in front of the cameras as the happy and dutiful wife."

She appears "dutiful" at best to me. If you notice on the rare occasions when she is in the same riding as the A**hole, she doesn't smile, is generally across the parking lot or as at this years Remembrance Day ceremony, a few steps behind the source of flatulence known as Lord Gord. To me the body English SCREAMS LIES whenever I see Mr. and the "official" Mrs. Campbell in the same location.

It would appear to me that Nancy, Dave Basi, Bob Virk and many others are all willing to sell their self respect and integrity, the only missing piece of information to me is the price. I also wonder if intimidation (and fear for one's life) is part of the equation.

Maybe once (if indeed it really happens) the BC Rail trial gets under way someone will breech the wall of silence and lies and if that occurs it could rapidly become a landslide. I suspect that many backbenchers and others involved in the ongoing criminal activity by the Campbell forces, actively or just by looking the other way are nervous - scared to come forward themselves, yet scared of what will happen if someone else opens the floodgates of truth and it becomes clear that they have been aiding and abetting, even if only by looking the other way.

The one Lieberal MLA (Paul Nettleton) who tried to stand for integrity found himself kicked out of caucus and wound up almost in hiding doing poverty law in Iqualit, Nunavat - is it possible that as a lawyer he found it impossible to work in the BC (in)Justice System once it became clear he actually believed in honesty and principle?
It just wasn't Radio personalities that covered up for Campbell. The Sun & Province had a full account of the "Maui Affair" from Gordo's cellmate, but that interview has done the way of a Dobel email.

For all you sleuths out there, the earlier "English Nanny" affair is also of great interest and lays the foundation for a less than congenial household.

The is also the "Fred & Cathy Affair", where there is just more than a hint of a drunken brawl before Campbell (alone or not) sped off drunk, not going to his hotel; but then where?

The facade of Gordo's tele-tragedy was nothing but window dressing as many private deals were happening behind the scenes by Campbell's puppet masters to keep 'their guy' in office. A lot was invested in Gordon Campbell and they had to have their investment pay off.

Was Lara the only girl in Maui? Or was there a younger, more energetic and not so politically correct Lara clone also hovering around Maui?

It seems a lot of West side matrons could tell a tale or two about how politicians liked to flaunt their power, in Victoria and in Hawaii.

So many questions and the answers are there if one only looks and one final question: "Who has the pictures and what price is blackmail?"

Have fun looking............
BC Mary said...
dmc and Henri Paul January 26, 2010 5:14 AM

I have been very careful NOT to name names ... and so, if you rush in with names of your own choosing, I will have to delete your comments.
In fairness, I ask that you take better care.
BCM Help me understand what has transpired here in my absence since yesterday.
Yesterday I Posted a comment at January 25, 2010 4:28 PM
which is still displayed.
My question is, did someone submit an additional comment using the name of Henri Paul?
The January 25, 2010 4:28 PM was my only comment.
I did or have "not" name names as so you state, I have not a clue as to what your insinuating.
Your January 26, 2010 5:14 AM implies that I have said something to the contrary, as you say In fairness, I ask that you take better care.
Therefore,BCM I ask for fairness from you and explain to me what is going on here, or is it possible someone is amusing themselves on our time here.

I have been extremely busy, not feeling too well, and have two (2) crews of tradesmen in the house doing painting and other stuff (lots of white dust involved) ... furniture all upside down etc.,

so you'd be helping me out if you think I've deleted something that you'd like to have replaced.

Why not just replace it and if it's fair comment, it will go through. OK?

and just so you know, HP,

if something is deleted from this blog's comments, it's gone. Can't go searching through them to see where they came from etc.
BC Mary said, Why not just replace it and if it's fair comment, it will go through. OK?

BC Mary, That's the issue,I can't replace some thing that I never said or posted.
No big deal ,Im just wondering what its all about this name dropping that your talking about, which ,I know nothing of , or have had a part in.
Sorry to hear your not well H.P.
I also know that feeling all to well.
Kootcoot, you nailed it. You said everything I was thinking, but not saying.

I've seen photo's of Nancy, and watched her on the telly a couple of times, and she looks so withdrawn and utterly sad. Almost like she'd like to start running and never stop. Honestly, there are times when my heart goes out to her, and other times I'd like to shake her and ask her what it is she dislikes about herself so much that she'd put up with that crap!

As for Campbell, I have NO doubt there are a LOT of people scared of him, and scared of being turfed off the gravy train. Funny thing is, it would only take one to stand up and poke a hole in the dam. The whole thing would topple - and that's what Campbell is so scared of! Bullies will remain bullies until the schoolyard puts them in their place. That's how I see him, a spoiled rotten bully.

People don't realize the power they have too, when used collectively. He might damage them for a short term - they could damage his entire career...past, present and future. Mind, I sure as hell wouldn't be looking to the legislature for any heroes!! The only one they had is in Nunavut.
Oh no he isn't, Leah. "In Nunavut", I mean.

Sweet news, eh?

"Mind, I sure as hell wouldn't be looking to the legislature for any heroes!!"

I agree wholeheartedly, and to our even greater misfortune, we can't even look to our (dis)loyal opposition, at least since they increased their seats from two.

I swear, Joy and Judy were a more effective opposition than the bunch of empty seats they have now. The two J's couldn't win a vote, but at least they weren't to lazy, fearful or compromised (whatever the reason) to raise an issue in the House of Infamy or Victoria's biggest crime scene.
I think they've been compromised Koot, there is no other explanation for their lack of action, and apparent loss of ethic.

One has to wonder why the 10 or 12 unions who own Concert Properties contributed 16,000 to the Liberal coffers for the last election - and 1,000 to the NDP. You'd think that would make the NDP take a second look at their leadership, but it didn't.

Nothing is as it appears in BC - good governance in politics, justice and law has become an illusion. And it appears the electorate can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

We are in desperate need of a new party based on integrity and ethics. We need help.
Some commenters wondered about the motivations of Nancy Campbell. One might recall the firebombing of her office at Churchill secondary school and consider if that might not affect her perceptions of Gordo's political enemies.
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