Monday, March 29, 2010


BC Rail: glimpses of a bigger gameplan

Sometimes, British Columbians might get the feeling that we're caught up in a far bigger gameplan than we yet realize.

To most of us -- the loss of BC Rail is huge.  Huge as it is, there's more. Lots more.

So I was looking at this old CN item, and wondered if it looks like a gameplan to others as well. Seems to me, we can look at this "news", and possibly catch the drift of these July 2004 announcements ... the way the news is set up to show that the New Jersey USA interests are the big news, whereas the almost incidental (and earlier) announcement of the BCR-CN deal comes farther down the list with no special emphasis, just another ho-hum day in the salt mines ... have a look HERE. Note the sequence, right to the bottom ... it begins:

Maher Terminals Inc. of New Jersey, USA, have been selected by Prince Rupert Port Authority to operate a new container handling facility in Prince Rupert.

Next: the "dramatic expansion" expected from Maher & Co.,

Then [cue the hands rubbing together] the economic benefits for B.C.,

Then and only then: ... the CNR-BC Rail "partnership" announced as "Good news for Prince Rupert" [and the Maher guys, presumably],

Followed by hopes for a future Liquified Natural Gas prospect for Port of Prince Rupert.

Then of course Security Plans for the Port of Prince Rupert. And we know who and what that means and where that leads ... don't we? 

What I can't see anywhere in CN's presentation is any hint of a local concern for how BC Rail was intended to serve British Columbia first and foremost. - BC Mary


Well, apparently Maher is not just part of Port of New Jersey operations, but also Port of New York operations. But, unless there's been another deal since, it's owned by DeutscheBank

The deal was a reaction to previous plans to contract these ports to World Ports Dubai, which caused a rather memorable political backlash. If I recall right, the same company was wangling for control of the Port of Prince Rupert and maybe also Roberts Bank - ??

German ownership over Arab owernship.

But then, of course, the question is - who owns DeutscheBank??
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